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Thursday, December 31, 2009

add some style

While we were in Grass Valley cutting down our annual Christmas tree, saw this chair and for me i like the ugliest, most hideous chair that needs the most work, i love the challenge of taking something that many would chalk up to being a lost cause and bringing a new look and giving some style or what i like to think of is love to the piece. This chair is a vintage cane sided chair in a dark brown oak like color with a deep green velvet like material. I sanded-painted it in a heirloom color slightly distressed it to give it that worn antique look and then upholstered it in a blueish satin/taffeta like fabric with a gold scroll pattern running through it.Upholstering the chair is the easist for me, choosing the fabric and texture is what takes me so long..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can't Wait

The time is almost here for our closing and giving not too shabby a new look outside and in with some color, elegant style but yet a shabby charm all the while making our customers feel welcome and providing a shop where they will stay a while and browse,shop and share ideas of decorating-places they have been or plan to go as we too love to exchange ideas of inspiration.
watch our progress as we try to give the front of store a new (come check us out) look.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Coming Soon

What is to come.A new and exciting venture for me,joining Bobbi over at Not Too Shabby in Historic Folsom, the time is almost here. We can't wait to re-paint, re-decorate- and put our ideas of creativity together to create an amazing place for customers to come browes, shop and enjoy thier time in our little shop while they have a cup of gourmet coffee, and or share inspiring ideas. We have so many things planned, we can hardly stand it. Make sure to stop in- this last week will involve putting many things on Sale to clear up space for the new items of the year-.Doors will be Closed January 3rd-6th and re-open with the two of us in The New Not Too Shabby on Thursday January 7th and a Big Grand Re-Opening weekend starting Friday January 15th-through January 18th where we will have raffle prizes, drinks, desserts and 10% off all items in store..
Hope To See Everyone There.