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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shabby Linen Slip Covers

Well with many attempts at slip covers over the years, they are just not my forte. But yet I love them so much and get so many requests for them.
So after being inspired by my friend Sara, I decided to try again.
Here is the example in a soft darker linen.
&  I LOVE IT...

I think I will make more and start selling them at my shoppe.
Have to Thank those who Inspire us to try Something new.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vintage Cabinet

Came Across this Vintage Gun Hutch with a Glass Door & bird hunting scene on it , But it did have a cute crystal like knob, bottom drawer and pretty cute handles.
At First I was going to bust out the glass and add some fabric or chicken wire, But then thought I would save the glass and turn it into a chalkboard door

I painted in a soft white, barely distressed the edges and painted the inside and outside glass door chalkboard.

I Then added a shelf inside and will also add some hooks for under the shelf for hanging coats-ribbon or maybe even a jump rope.

And here is the finished Cabinet/Hutch, too cute for kids to use to hang a jacket, store a backpack or as a crafting cabinet with a door to take notes on or draw & a little bottom drawer for extra storage.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pretty Pink Toile!

Pretty Pink Toile..
Can you really go wrong with pale pink in a simple childrens toile?
I Upholstered this lovely rocker/swivel chair in this darling fabric, and added some extra cush, made a ruffle bottom to give an extra girly touch to it and keep it shabby.
How Sweet for a Nursery,  or Little Girls room, so comfy and a Favorite of mine.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pretty Piece

Look How this Dark funky wood colored cabinet/dresser/hutch,

A Darling Pretty White Cabinet with Doors that can have fabric or glass or even some wiring added to disguise what is inside.
How Cute it would be in a Nursery with sweet pinks & blues inside or even as a Linen storage Piece.. I just Love How It Turned Out.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Find!

Goodness Gracious , I have  missed blogging about my projects, finds, & How To's, and Especially Visiting all of my Favorite Blogs.
Being a Shoppe Keeper & Volunteering for My big Crab Feed & Finishing up the remodel of the expansion has done me in, and hosting the (making-building) of the Freshman Homecoming Float at our home is costing us some money in Coffee.

But today is Historic Folsom's Big Antique Fair down Sutter St,
Where thousands come to shop, sell, get ideas, as my shoppe still isn't ready, I had to make do with what I have ready and Pray they'll come back as I'm filling the shoppe, with my fabulous finds, re-upholstered darlings and all of my home made pieces.
BUT I thought I would share what found me at the Antique Fair,
Not that I need more, but Had to go look..
This Sweet Vintage Dress Form, I don't care how dirty, or ragged it is, I love it all the same. It will work great for my bags or aprons i make..

And this  Little Gem (an Old Fashion) gumball machine, I bought it because I love the stand. I'm sure Ill paint it some shade of pink, and maybe add some gumballs for the kiddies when they come in-Right now it is full of buttons, and i bet there are some good ones in the mix.
And Lastly this cutie little doll, Looks Old , probably not, but I don't care, I just love the way she looks, Ill probably use her for displays, I never buy because of the value of what it could be worth, Only if I like, and I like her.
With Crab Feed Over-Antique Fair pass-Hopefully I can get on track with my blogging (that i miss oh so much)..

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Pretty Piece!

Just Love this Piece. I searched High & Low for this Perfect Vintage Wardrobe Closet. I wanted something to hang all my aprons in and fluffy pretty stuff at the shoppe. I adore the handles..
Just Love It!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sneak Peak!!

A little sneak peak! So If i hadn't mentioned before I am expanding my shoppe.  My shoppe is 360 square feet of my love, and I have so much more to offer, but just not enough space to do so. Recently my landlord let me know that the shoppe next to me was going to be available and asked if I would be interested.. (YEAH!!) As much as I would love a front window spot, I would rather have a bigger back spot, where i could have much more room for the same price or so.

Normally I wouldn't share pictures until I was totally done, I'm very picky about not wanting anyone to see what I'm working on until it is finished. (VERY PICKY) about that. We can only work on shoppe at night after my husband gets home or on weekends (when customers are out shopping), So I have had to let up on the no peaking until done rule, and allow customers to come in , while we are working on the next space over.
The shoppe next to mine was a hair salon- so we had to eliminate some water piping-build around some piping- take down a wall- and totally re-build my register area and non stop sweep.
This is the shoppe before we started, (nice) but not my colors- this shoppe is the same square footage 360-
 I decided i wanted a rustic by shabby look, I found these slots of thin wood at a hardware store laying out front for $15 - ( I got a million of them) So we covered the back of both shoppes with it, and painted it a dark white color. When I opened my shoppe I painted a neutral light light pale blue- But the whole time wishing it were a pale pink- but was guided away from pink(in which i just love). SO now that we are making a big mess, i decided I'm going with the pink that i love.

Here is a bit more of it.

And well more of a mess- (which is driving me CRAZY), the dust is EveryWhere- and you can see where the wall was-
So this is a Sneak Peak, we worked all weekend, and night and almost finished the new register area.
Expanding has offered an opportunity to change some things- the Original register we built to high,so no counter stool fit with it, so I had to sit on my knees on a counter chair to use my computer, and when my family came up to hang out or visit for lunch on weekends there wasn't enough room.
SO now we can alter those things...
My mind & Design Dreams have to go with my budget, so somethings I have to be Creative, and just can't wait to share my new 720 square foot shoppe..
Stay Tuned..
P.S. and my landlord still won't budge on that ceiling..