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Monday, January 31, 2011

Amazing Pickers

Bloggers are the Best!!!
A few weeks ago, i did a post on how I was re-decorating my living-dining-room.
I was going from bright reds-yellows french country to a more
Neutral Calm Elegant French style using all of my Vintage Pieces.
Well one of the things I desperately wanted was a Leather sofa from (Restoration  Hardware $3500) way out of my budget.
I described the leather sofa (Worn-Brown-with metal tacking on arms) this is what I wanted.
This past week an AMAZING reader of my Blog called the shoppe and left a message for me, that she spotted one at the
Salvation Army & it was half off..

I didn't get the message till 5:45 pm- I debated to even drive all the way down town to check out , during rush hour traffic-based on someone I don't know calling the shoppe.
BUT (what if) it were the one..
So we packed up the kids in the SUV and trucked on down, making it there 30 min. before they closed.

As I spotted the back and saw the color- then moved to the front of it, I heard Angels Singing..
THE EXACT leather Sofa I wanted...
Worn- Brown-Metal tacking and in Perfect Condition, & THE BEST part at half off ONLY $75!!
Thank you anonymous Blogger who called my shoppe.

Months ago I bought this Antique Chandelier from a Picker friend of mine, and this is wear it has sat for the entire 2 months- Until this weekend.

My daughter scrubbed every nook-cranny for me with a brush, I cleaned every crystal & gave my husband a big KISS to Hang for me.
My heart just pitter patters every time I look at it or my new sofa..

To know that someone read my blog, and took the time to call my shoppe to tell me about the sofa, or a friend thought to call me with an amazing antique chandelier knowing I would love it, Just Makes my heart so Happy..
SO to both of You, Know that every time I walk in the family room, I'm so excited & Thrilled with my treasures that are bringing my vision come to life because of you.

Thank God for Thoughtful Picker Friends & the Kindness of Amazing Bloggers who I also think of as Blessed friends..
xoxo Karryann
p.s.  still working on curtains-chairs..

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Architecture with Doors

At the Shoppe, we have sold lots of Old Vintage Windows & Doors recently as well as many customers ask what you could possibly do with them.
There are so many uses, 
Out in your Garden,

Against a wall & add a fountain or ivy or in the Flower Bed

Turn into a Table,

Even as  Grand as this with a Chandelier in a Dining room,

Turn into a Chalkboard for Taking Notes or even decoration in Home

Hang long ways turning panels into Chalkboards
Can become a statement in the room

 Headboard for a  Sweet Bed

Set outdoors for a Perfect Photo -Op.

Sometimes do nothing, just allow the architecture to show through. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Romance with Lighting

Amazing How One element can transform a Room.
Lighting &  Chandeliers to be specific
They can bring Romance to a Living room, Class to a Dining room or Luxury to a Hallway.

Whether they are filled with Clear Beautiful Crystals

Or strung like pearls reflecting the light

Or Hung to bring Class & Style

Even in a Dainty Gold with sparse Crystals and Shades
can bring an elegant but Charming look to a room

Loving the Shabby Vintage style of this Dining space
Bringing in two chandeliers, Perfect in size to not take away from the gorgeous dining set.

And even adding a chandelier to a hallway or entry way can highlight your style.
Giving off a Feeling of Romance-Class or Luxury all with one piece.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shabby Chic China Hutch

Trial & Error!
Sometimes i envision a certain look, but once i try it, realize not the best idea.

So i originally painted this Darling Hutch a blue/grey color, but it was too dark for what i was really aiming for.

Love the pieces that can come totally apart

I really wanted  a two toned piece. I do a lot of shades of white, and black for the shoppe, SO this one I wanted to be different.
Using a few differ. Samples of (oops)paint mixing them to get this blue shade.
I painted the inside this pretty blue.

I used a rustic gold and hand painted the edge of the bottom portion.
Then added Vintage Music Sheets for the backing, one thing about having a shoppe is I can try differ styles,colors, techniques allows for such Creativity.
Once the light is lit up inside and glass shelves are put back in, This Vintage China Hutch will be such a Sweet Piece.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cement Blunder!

Helpful Hint!
Remember this Beautiful Old Fountain/Cherub Statue I purchased at the Sacramento Antique Fair?
I So so Loved it..
Well as you can imagine, this piece is SUPER heavy total concrete.
We placed it on our front porch, well I wasn't sure if I wanted it towards the front of porch or in corner,
So before school one day I had our 15 yr old son help me move each piece carefully to one spot-
Decided I didn't like it there, so we attempted to move it back to the original spot-
WELL as we carefully set it down, we heard this crackle (like)noise and saw the cracks-cracking away.
I thought I was going to Cry (kind of did)
There they were 3 huge cracks-I though maybe I could use (wood putty)to seal it back together (umm, NO)

So my husband brought this stuff home (quickrete adhesive) to cement back together.

Cost about $7
My husband used his caulking gun and squeezed into all the cracks and we shoved the rest with our fingers so we were sure it was all the way in there.

Not the Prettiest, But for my own porch, & not worried about anyone peaking into it, and I won't be using it as a fountain.
AND Truly i don't mind the scuffs-scratches-cracks in pieces I have in my own home,I think it adds Character & Charm
I just wanted it all in one piece again. 

You can see the inside-bottom, not so bad, Held Very Well.

Now I have my beautiful fountain/sculpture piece all together again..

My first big antique splurge on our own home, and i broke it (2 days into it)
BUT now all better & glorious on our Front Porch..

I promise you I  will not be moving anytime soon.

Love all those amazing products, that can rescue our mishaps.
 So I would Highly recommend this Quickrete Construction Adhesive product (found it at Osh Hardware)if you ever have a cement blunder as I did.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Style, New Front Windows!

A New year , New Design, New Style!
We are on our way into 2011, New Front Window Displays
Doing one in the Classic Black, with the Clock set at 12 for the New Year Celebration.

Love the Style of this Vintage Dresser with Original Hardware, Detailed Carved edges, amazing Charm.

Look at these fluted legs, and character, Upholstered in Toile.

The Other Front Window, went with Shades of White,
One of my Favorite pieces in shoppe, this Vintage Chest of Drawers.

The Crisp Bright White of this gem, is just so sweet just like the handles on the front.

My Husband built this Fireplace mantle and did such an amazing job, he used several moldings, thick wood and was very meticulous.
Best thing about the New Year is a Clean slate.
Taking the opportunity to start fresh, with organization, plans, promises or Style.
Begin your new year with a new design,style or uses for beautiful pieces in your home.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sneak Peak !

Sneak Peek of our Home Before & during the Process of a Re-Decorating.
Our home is smaller in size with 1800 square feet,  decorated in a more french country style with Bright
Floral mixed with Plaid and a Small Gingham.
I made the Curtains, Upholstered the Chair, Covered the Dining Chairs.
My husband put in the far windows by fireplace (which were just mini port hole sized) He Built the Fireplace up,  I Painted the Built In Entertainment Center White from it's original maple color, and we took out Sliding doors to put in French Doors.
Ready for a Change, wanting to incorporate more of my Loves
French Style Furniture, More Neutral Colors,with an Elegant feel using my Vintage Furniture pieces.

As much as I love Yellow & Red, I'm ready for a calmer more neat and put together look. 

This is our Family Room, which is right next to and opens to our Dining and Kitchen area.

 I saw a Worn Brown Leather Sofa at (Restoration Hardware for $3500) that i fell in love with (So not happening)
I'm thinking I want to go with a Dark Shade of white for walls,
a worn leather couch with some wood trim or tacking
adding a formal elegant but Vintage French Chair-
and that is where it stops for me 
The Problem i have is I love Ballard Designs, the Classic Black with Crisp Clean whites,
But then I LOVE
the Rachel Ashwell style of  mixing the old worn sofa with timeless Vintage  treasures (God knows I have quite the Collection)

I don't want to go buy a Used Worn Leather sofa, to find it looks Odd in space-
I tried the photo bucket thing (could not figure out)
Not so sure which style chair to put against wall by Fireplace or how many chairs to bring in (also have quite the collection of all styles)

Also debating changing out Ceiling fan for chandelier only- we NEVER use the fan, and would love to bring in an elegant touch- but the chandelier over dining table is black, so Do i have to stick with that?
I guess I have to many styles I love- Ballard Designs, Shabby Chic Mixtures of Timeless Vintage Treasures, & a Comfy Family livable space but with a French Elegant Touch..

Any suggestions, ideas or Ref. of where to go get some great inspiration WOULD be so Appreciated as I'm so in Limbo.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

All in the Detail!

All in the Detail!
One of my Most Favorite things is (Detail)
Paying attention to the small detail that is in every thing you see, pass by, touch or even the structure of where you are at, at any given moment.
The little detail that highlights a piece, a room or pulls everything together.
You may  not even notice the detail behind something.
Such as this Plain Painted wall as Lovely as it is in it's Crisp Dark shade of Antique White-

You take that same paint and add it to some thin pieces of separation wood planks & a whole different look.
The added texture with the wood  can grasp your attention as you walk by.

Using this painted plank wood as a back drop brings a Unique Style to this Vintage Frame

Brings a whole new dimension to this Aged Table.

Using Rock that has been white washed by hand gives a Rustic Romantic Feel, You see the Planked wood above just adds to the look.

Fabric brings a Comforting and Classy element to an area, almost a Formal But Casual Look.

While I love the Wood, and Rock or Fabric , I Love using architectural pieces to add that special something to an area.
Old Doors or Shutters are Wonderful for that.

A Pillar with such Detail, such Character

Mixing of Textures,Styles and shades of White can Tie it all in, but are absolutely that added Detail that can make a space

Using this Old Vintage Door as a Back Drop for these Vintage Black Frames, Both accent each other.

Bringing in a Vintage Glass French Door, gives a French Feel but also works as a Perfect Divider, but showcases what is behind it, giving you a sneak peak

Another Door that adds such Detail and Style to an Area, Adding some dark stain brought out the Worn Nature of the Piece, and surely calls you in.

At First Glance all you see is this Amazing Italian Chandelier, but then your eye is slightly caught by the french blue frame leaning against the wall, an added touch that highlights that Beautiful Crystal Chandelier.

A Ceiling can be just a Ceiling, as seen here

But if you add some Thick, 12 inch Wood Planks, You get a whole new look, that grabs your attention.
Both Just as Charming, but that Detail sure Catches your Eye and draws it up

Whether you Use Molding, Wood Planks or Old Doors for an accent or Display, I always think you should think outside the box and Try that same theme in an area you normally would not.

Such as a Hutch-
(removing the original particle board back and adding bead board & a molding trim)

Or using Fabric on an Old Stereo-Record Player (disguising the speakers)

Look around, see the detail behind the piece, it most likely is something so out of the ordinary, but yet the Detail Caught your eye, and you didn't even realize it.
Those simple things can make the difference on your piece, in your space or in what you buy.