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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Finishing Piece to a Room..

The Finishing Piece to a Room..
The last finishing piece to a room is the Lighting,
which ties it all together.
Your Theme-Your Style-Your Vision all in one Stunning Relied upon piece of decor..
Use a Black Chandelier with Crystals,

Add to the Living or Family room to give a -French more Sophisticated touch..

Use a Gilded Gold or Vintage Brass Chandelier in the Bathroom for a touch of Romance.

The Hallway or Entry Way is the perfect spot to show your flare with a smaller version to Welcome your guests.

Above the Vanity or even Desk is a lovely spot to bring in a Chandelier as well.

What I just Love about Chandeliers is that depending on the color-style-crystals you can bring up or tone down a room-

As I'm not done with my living -dining room make over-
One thing i will share is the mixing of a Casual -Worn Leather Masculine Couch with tacking on the sides- The Puddled Duponi Drapes on my windows the Colonial White Fireplace -Two Linen Chairs with Vintage tacks and the Gilded Gold Vintage Crystal Chandelier in the middle..
(MY Favorite item)...
Tones down the leather sofa-brings in a lil feminine to the room..

Monday, June 20, 2011

How To Table/Island...

Sharing of my How to.. 
This Little Vintage (Government Stamped Table) is just quaint enough to be either a Farm Table-Kitchen Island or just Decorative piece..

             First I painted it a  French Grey & Distressed it a bit.
Purchased some Wood Planks, laid them out-Cut to the size I wanted, with a little overlay.

Once the Wood was cut to size I then screwed them in place-Puttied the holes with Wood Putty.

           I sanded the filled holes-and the rest of top- all edges-and softened the corners as well..

          I Lightly painted the top of wood-then sanded again-and lightly stained-and Waxed.
I just love the way it turned out- Would be Great as a Kitchen island- Table in a Nook or maybe Crafting table-

           Now here it is in the shoppe, waiting for a new home..
A little French in color- rustic on top and dainty for any space..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fondness for Industrial..

Fondness for Industrial...
The Mixture of Vintage Industrial & Shabby Chic -French
is Just Lovely to me..

Just Love the Old Rustic Desks with Perfect amount of Patina on top, the Chippy paint.
Adding one Old Cabinet or Cart to a room, just adds that finishing touch..

Whether for Practical use or Decoration..
Add a Vase over stuffed with Flowers or
Use as an island in the kitchen for homework or cutting up food..

Yes, Even this Darling with almost washed away yellow original paint and Wheels..
How Sweet as a Craft Cart..

Maybe even as a Vanity??
Garden Bench or also for the kitchen..

Incorporate the Wood Apothecary Cabinet for the Office as well..

The Pretty Perfect Vintage Blue-mixed with Rustic metal top.

True Beauty with Black Metal bins...
Just Love the Industrial mixed into our Home..
Having that one piece -you know -nobody else has..
True Statement Piece..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Potatoe Sack Pillows..

Time for some Patriotic Spirit..
The shoppes on Sutter St. Here in Historic Folsom, Dress up the windows to get ready for the Big Rodeo and 4th of July celebration in our town..
There is a Cattle Run-down the street-with a small parade to kick off the 51st annual Rodeo..
While we were out hunting , i came across some Vintage Burlap Potatoe Sacks and they happen to be in (red-blue) which would be perfect for our windows..
I decided to use one to make pillows.

Laying out on the floor- cutting to the size i needed.
I lined it with linen-and used same linen for the back-so it would be a double sided pillow.

Pinning the pieces in place, then Sewing Inside out..

leaving the bottom open to finish the seam.

And a little down filled red-blue burlap pillow..
( a lil hard to see with glare-but the 2 pillows i made with the old burlap potato sacks sit on the settee on top of a vintage worn flag in the front window)

This is the other window..
Happy Decorating..

Sunday, June 5, 2011

French Style

                                                 Beautiful French Furniture...
It is all in the Detail, That's what draws me to these pieces.
The Amazing curvature-the Style of the craftsmanship.
This lil black table has the long dramatic legs so penicl thin at the ends with the tapering on the edge..

The Fluted Legs on these ones, the mixture of techiniques-
Cane back Carved leaving, Every detail is added for a more unique finish.

This Stunning Hutch in a soft cream, with darling feet, the floral carved bottom, frame on each door.
These French style pieces are Breathtaking and show how everything made with the French Style in mind- is over the top in detail..

Even this little piece, with cabriole legs-just thin curved turned out legs.

And of course my fav. the chairs, look at each detail the arms the feet the frame all so wonderful-and then in a bright fabric-