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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hallelujah, Front Windows!!!


Finally Front Windows to decorate..
And just in time for my Most Favorite Holiday, & Why i think God put me on Earth
(To share-spread Holiday Cheer)..
I so so Love Christmas!!

The front windows of all the little shoppes on the Street are getting judged on their Holiday Window Displays,
while designing it, I wanted a window display that would make you want to come in.

I wanted to make sure the Window was different from the others.  Vintage, Classic, & Reminded you of Christmas.
(true to the nature of  shoppe & what is offered & in line with my style)

The 2nd Window, I was inspired by a window I spotted on a blog
(sadly can not remember, to share with you)
But using dress forms and hand made hanging card stock that spells out (Joy), hand Made gold fancy Hostess Aprons, a Vintage wrapping paper holder ,ribbon- paper with hand made glittered stars in window, with a vintage glass window frame in the back, the opposite side (inside) is shared with Woof-Poof collector stuffed animals, and added the (snow) for an added winter touch.
(I will make a cover for the far right dress form, that is not as modest at the others)

Here a few more pictures of the inside,and some vignettes.

As you can see my Love for Vintage, goes on and on, with the many pieces I have in the shoppe.

Using Vintage Drop Leaf Tables for display (always for sale as well),
Old Windows, Mirrors.

At this new Front Location, I am blessed to share this amazing space with a good friend who offers Stella & Dot vintage inspired jewelry

You can see, I brought with me my Wood fencing from my old shoppe, we took a lot down, and put up more here, one of my favorite design details, adding a texture,and different element to shoppe.

Many of you might remember my Plea for Help with my old ceiling(funky ceiling tiles-that i wasn't allowed to take down)
Please admire my new Ceiling , Fabulous Wood Planks (That I Adore)
We took out the trellis, and i hand painted the (whole) ceiling, giving it a white washed look, & added several chandeliers.

The Shoppe also offers a variety of new soaps-candles
(just in time for Christmas)..

Thanks for letting my share My Love, It is like waking up on Christmas morning (everyday i get to go to work)..
I loved my old shoppe, but I Adore my new place, high wood ceilings, Front windows, Parking right in front, my own bathroom-kitchen-storage area- LOVE IT!!!
xoxo Karryann

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Before Shots!!

As the big move up the street to the new location is quickly approaching, I wanted to share some Before Shots..

The 1400 sq.ft shop, has cement floors (which i love) giving a rustic-industrial feel.
If you really look, you can see rock in the back on the left, also a little outdated, hard to tell but there is a big opening surrounded by rock, that looks into the rock cave area.

The left side has lattice on ceiling-with lighting that has to go.

The right side has the amazing paneled ceiling that i love, but out dated lighting that will have to be swapped out.
The Walls are a light beige color.

This is the view from inside looking towards front door- a little dark for me, there is also this formation of wood along ceiling,that we think was for a division of the 2 sides-as it was once a coffee shop,on one side and a retail shop on the other.
You can see the 2 windows (yeah)..
Ill be able to look out the window, and see the people, the cars, the weather...
At the moment the shop is called (Sutter St. Boutique) So the stuff inside will be gone by next weekend.

    Here is another Picture of the front of the building (as you can see undergoing construction STILL) but the building will be painted beige-black, an awning will be built, sidewalks are suppose to be done Monday-Tuesday of this week, some old fashion light posts will be in the front-,with some trees and a bench.. 
AND THE BEST Part if I haven't said before- PARKING, right in front of shoppe, right next to and right across the street...
all of which i lost at my current location- they built ramps out front, and now cars can not park in front the building- customers have to park down the street or around the corner to walk up-making the furniture bus. not so good..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Antique Faire..

Before I opened shoppe today, I headed out to the
Sacramento Antique Faire.
Located under the w/x Freeway on 21st,
and held the 2nd Sunday of Every Month,
Only $3.00 to get in.

There were so many different vendors, lots of Vintage Christmas, Antiques, Vintage Tools, Rustic pieces, Vintage clothing, lighting and just so much more.

This is one of my Favorites, these tins are amazing, so many uses,
on the ceiling, just decoration, or outdoor.
(love it!)

Great Furniture

Look at that Amazing Chandelier, a True Italian Beauty.

This Painting was Just Stunning.

I Could not pass this one up...

         So many of the vendors, had their displays set up so beautiful,
Love all the Inspiration & seeing so many pieces with such history..

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Proud Mom!

A Mother's Prideful Moment!

My sweet 12 year old daughter decided she wanted to make her own tote bag, and while I just couldn't show her, or walk her through it, She was determined to do it anyway.

After telling her to wait till I get home from the shoppe
(many times), I finally gave up and said go for it & please don't sew your finger or brake my sewing machine.

When I got home from work, she proudly showed me her Pinned Striped Tote bag she made (ALL)by herself..
Measuring-Cutting the fabric, threading the machine, winding the bobbin and EVEN lining her bag with a soft linen, and making her own strap.. 

Her first attempt at sewing with a sewing machine, Just Amazing, and without anyone to show her what to do,
 Im so Very Proud of her..

So Proud I am!!
I might have to put her to work

Friday, November 12, 2010

Exciting News!!!

Decisions, Decisions!!!
So here is a picture of the Front of the Building my little shoppe is in at 813 Sutter St. (down the hall)

I have no front sign, as we all had to take down back in August..
(Yes, making business a bit challenging)

Here is the street view, many old beautiful Historic Buildings, with such interesting stories behind them.

Here is the Hallway, a Picture as you look down inside my building, there are Five of us in the building.
I'm on the Right side-
There is a Rug Cleaning/Gift shop on left, a Music Store in the back, a Lighting Palace in the front and then the Old Barber shop next to me.

An Opportunity has come up for me to Move.
A friend is offering me a chance to (Sub Lease) this place ( A Front shop on the main Sutter Street, with 2 front windows, with front easy parking for customers, in which i just lost at my current place, with the revitalization.
So while it is not next to the Hopping (Sutter Street Grill) the best breakfast place in town -It is across the street from the Best Pizza Place Chicago Fire and diagonal from the BEST Mexican food in town (Hacienda)..
So scary to move, or take a risk or chance. This new location does not have as much walk by traffic, But has Excellent parking & hopefully more visibility for me with the an Amazing Store Front.

I'm Hoping my LOVE for what i do, and My Enthusiasm will carry to my New Front location as well.

I'll have  2 good friends with me,  A Super Smart Creative Marketing Gal, & an Interior Designer who both have an amzing eye-gift for Retail,
allowing more time to work on pieces, and a Saturday or two to go spend time with my family, in which i totally lost when going out on my own.

TO have a Sign on the Front of A Building saying
(Gracefully Vintage)
   611 Sutter St.     
(SUPER Exciting)!!!!
(The building will be painted a beige color,with black trim, a black awning will be added, a front stone walkway and bench as well as trees & Old fashion Black light post out front and a full glass door, within the next month)
I know hard to imagine,with the dirt,bright colors/ 
 But if you could only envision what i can, I see something totally different..

Stay Tuned as the BIG move will be done by Dec 1st just in time for Historic Folsom's Big Tree lighting & Christmas Faire Dec. 4.5th

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vintage in Age, But Chic in Style!

When I saw this chair last January, I could not pass it up. It was and is one of the most unique Vintage Chairs I have come upon, and I have many.

But at the same time, I just could not decide what to do with it, sassy, fun, classic or chic..

Well for me, when I just can not decide, I resort back to my Ultimate Favorite which is the Black & White Toile..
For this one I used a Darker Black and White with a bolder-bigger pattern.

With that said, I also love the Down Filled Pillows, So I also made a couple in coordinating fabric,
I love to add pillows to all my pieces.

With the Back I used Upholstery Tacks, for a different look.
Usually I make my welting, in which I did for the front of this chair, but changed it up on the back giving it a unique look.
This is what I love about Upholstering all my Vintage Chairs, Sofa's that I put my style and touch on each one, And that makes each one a True One Of Kind.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Tree Filler!

With the Holiday's here, It is time to decorate.
Wanting an In-expensive way to decorate the shoppe, and my  Christmas trees.
So I decided to type up some Christmas Phrases on my Computer in a pretty cursive font.
I then Cut them in long semi even strips, and snipped the edges for a more decorative look.

Using the Wonderful Martha Stewart Glue Pen I lined the edges

Using the Martha Stewart Glitter, i covered the glued edged piece

Using Gold for some, and Blue for another

While they are not perfect clean lines , they are home made and Perfectly Imperfect as i would say.

A Nice easy, super cheap way to add a finishing touch to your Tree.

and a Great Filler.
You could make them small-big-long which ever to suit where you'll putting them.
Little mini Banners..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shabby Floral Display

One passion i have is for flowers, I really love fresh flowers on the table,  I think they bring a sense of welcome, comfort, class & style to all who enter your home.
They show your attention to detail & show your personality.
However when deciding to open my own shoppe, that was a little luxery I had to give up.
So instead i settled on Artifical Flowers, I just change, arrange and alter to the upcoming holiday, event, or goings on in our home.
      I just finished this one for the shoppe, after being inspired by similar one i saw, going for a Shabby Chic Floral Display, using a variety of mix match flowers & shades of pink and adding a left over piece of fabric for the tie, then adding it to a silver cake stand for a more dramatic show.
           You dont always have to give up what you love, just adjust.