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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shabby Creations

(please dont remove or copy/withoutpermission)
I wanted to share my Business Cards- or at least the image i had made. Trying to add all that is me & what i represent or love- a bit tricky-not wanting to be tacky-cluttered or common..
So I had Michele at Shabby Creations Blogspot make this for me,
A retro 1950's image of a lady with a pony tail and in a fancy dress (which i love to wear) with her hand extended offering her love of Vintage-Her passion for creativity, & Deisre to welcome you in, My favorite music note background, sweet birds & a darling crown with scrolly-frilly edging, & with Cursive Fancy writing showing class-elegance with refinement.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crab Feed Almost Here!

I'm pretty sure Ive mentioned that as Events Coord. I plan-organize the Big Fundraiser for the Folsom Youth Football & Cheer (Folsom Jr. Bulldogs) where my girls cheer. The event is Friday Sept.10th, and as I'm busy tieing ribbon on favors for each place setting, packing table cloths-plates-silverware, and finishing up begging for donations to raffle off at the silent auction, I in usual form added one more thing to my list as I always do...
Wanting the Crab Feed to be Memorable-Classy,but Cute-Fun for the Adult only crowd and elegant but casual as well as OF Course Raise money for the funding of our Football Field, I am super picky about how things look..
In the past i bought throw away aprons- wanting all the kitchen volunteers-waiters to wear white aprons- looks nice ,and lets the guests know who is the help (lack of better word)..
But now those throw paper aprons are $2.99 each plus tax, and cant bare to make the organization pay that for 20 people.

So while at Sams Club, i saw these flour sacks for $11.50 for 12
Then I figured, the fastest, cheapest and most unique way would be to, fold over top with twine inside- double stitch it.

 I just made the twine extra long, so any size person could use it to tie around waste (making it adjustable)

I embroidered a little red crab on the same cloth, to add as a pocket .

Then I gave them a clean edge and sewed on the large flour towel
 Wanting these to be easy-fast to make i just tied double nots on either side of twine so that it would not slip through.
Here is some examples of the finished apron..
They are nothing fancy, simple, thin, cheap but hopefully add my touch to the Crab Feed & designate who the workers are.
And only $1.75 total cost for each one, and possibly i could wash & use some again next year.
4 done 11 more to make.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vintage Treasure

Oh How I love , LOVE paint and a sander. I came across this Beautiful Rolling Vintage Treasure with amazing carved back original Spindles.
Now a Pretty Vintage Chair , Perfect for A Desk, an Office, or Craft or Sewing room.
I Just Adore It..

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Damask Is In!

Damask is In!
I have had quite a few Custom request for the black & white damask patterned Pieces lately.  This is my 3rd Custom Order for the Damask, and I have 2 in the Waiting as well as a Daughter who is in the process of changing her whole room to the Black-White Damask..
This little Darling Chair (I love), I even love the pink pattern on it.

And Now her little Darling Chair is Custom Pretty in a Lovely Damask with removable-washable seat, black legs and A whole new look..
The Black and White Will always be a Classic.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pretty Blue Touch

A little sharing of a Pretty little Vintage Chair i did for a Customer.
The chair was in a velvet blue like color, and tons of deep tufting..

This beautiful soft blue Rachel Ashwell fabric brings a new Lovely Touch to this Vintage Chair..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So Much to Do, So Little Time!

So much To Do, So little time...
This time of year is pretty busy for me, as the Events Coordinator for my girls Cheer leading-Football Assoc.. I am in charge of planning-organizing-getting donations-shopping-putting it all together -the main Fundraiser (a Crab Feed)Sept. 10th (do you want to donate or promote your esty-would love donations Shameless plug)....Then you add 2 girls in cheer-3 days a week, a son in high school football 4 days a week, 1 in elementary, 1 in Jr high, 1 in high school, home, trying to run my little shoppe-make my items-paint-upholstery my pieces, take special orders, shop for food, laundry, gifts for instructors-coach's, work at high school Fundraiser Dinner , make -pick up flyer's for my Crab Feed I'm putting on, buy table clothes-decorations,make favors for event, clean home THEN all the stuff i really want to do, create new aprons, make some pillows, blog, update items in shoppe,AND I'm expanding my shoppe (yeah) so excited...
So I'm a little bad at blogging lately...So Sorry for not visiting some of you as much as before...

SO when i have so much going on, I start feeling like everything is a mess-so me and my husband cleaned out the garage, so I could see exactly what i have- or need or can put in order of what I'm going to work on...
SO i thought i would share with you, I admit I'M not a retail seller- BUT a Collector it appears.
Here are few of my pieces in the line up ...
One of my prized possessions, I just talked to an antique dealer- he told me this is from the early 1900's, He had one exactly like it, he was selling for $1800 (can you believe that) his wasn't as torn as mine. BUT still-I could care less how much it is worth,I love the curvature-the detail.. I love it all the same..

These matching wing back chairs-with fluted carved legs, wouldn't they be cute with a table in the middle, well when I'm done Upholstering them that is.
This slip back chair, My daughter is eyeing for her room, but I love the lines of it and not sure where it will end up, One bonus of my job, is keeping some of the treasures.
This little cutie, is in some odd-motel-carpet like fabric- But when I'm done, How adorable it will be, for a little girls room.
I have had this one for a while, I really wanted it for myself, because it is so unique, But then I say that about all my pieces.
This little gem is just perfect for a darling accent piece- maybe ill go with something fun..
Love this one- Totally a one of a kind, Maybe some sort of a toile..
This chair is just so charming- a dainty, love the turned legs no arms.
I just could not leave this chair behind when i saw it- I can add a cushion- and Gosh i just love it..
This Chair matches the Sofa as well, My husband , was all over this one- I was going to pass on it- seeing as i have so many- But he pushed me to go back and get it, Now I'm glad..

Aren't these little vintage cuties great, I plan on just making slip covers for them and allowing the legs to show- and leave that lovely original green on them..
Can't go wrong with a wing back -this is one of two I have left like this. This Style wing back is what started my whole love-desire for upholstery-and got my collection going and growing.
This is the couch, i am going to keep for our home, I do so much for shoppe and requests-that I'm always slightly jealous of the ones i Sell, So i have decided that I'm going to start doing some for our own home- I think I'm going to paint-distress it in black, then upholster it in a black-white plaid-check of some sort and add toile as accent ..(or at least that is the plan), when i figure out how to get more hours in the day.
This one, has such cool carving detail, one more i cant wait- But as with so many, I just cant decide what to do.
In my shoppe, i try to coordinate colors-I want it to flow and not be messy or hodge podge or too many colors of variation going on..
That is where the tricky comes in.
 And that is just some- i didn't get pictures of the 4 antique dining ladder back chairs a friend gave me-she was down sizing, and didn't want to hall to So.Calif., or the 4 sweet white wood vintage fold down chairs(too cute for a wedding), or the 2 in my bedroom, 1 in bathroom,and rattan seat, with arms hanging in garage-that i couldn't get down..

And Lastly while I love Chairs- I also LOVE frames, especially old-vintage detailed ones..
Here are some of my 36 i have saved-
Back to work i go, have to go sort picture forms for cheer-make cards to say thank you, print labels for bags at shoppe and make some coffee..

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sweet Pink Mixture

One my many Chairs I have re-upholstered, I choose to go with shades of pink, for that girl in all of us, but with a Shabby Touch.

The Chair was originally dark wood, with a vanilla satin textured fabric.

With some Lovely Soft White, Distressing & then a mixture of fabrics.

I used pink chenille for the seat cushion bottom-top and for the sides as well,Then a soft sweet pink pin stripe Cotton for the arms, edge front of cushion, a flannel floral for base of frame work and back, and lastly I used a pretty pink check for the piping to accent it all together.

I also love to include matching pillows with all of my chairs, So i used the pink pin striped Cotton on one side and the floral flannel on the opposite side and then added buttons in the pink chenille.
The Cushion is totally removable,

I guess the girl in me always love the pinks, How Darling would this look in a Nursery or a little girls room, Or in a Baby shoppe or shucks even in my room.