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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

French Settee

I have had this lil piece for some time now-The legs caught my eye-and I couldn't bare to leave it behind.
Not sure what I was going to do with it.
The part I love best about my job, trying something new-seeing how it will turn out.
I have done linens, done burlap, pinks,toile, paisley, so my husband spotted this French Manuscript Fabric one day while we were at JoAnnes, So figured I would give it a try. 
Instead of Doing individual Cushions, I opted for one single large one, giving it more clean simple lines-also using invisible seems.

I also decided to use tacks, instead of making my piping,
I really love the tacks, more rustic..

Before we took to shoppe, I had to set up my lil vignette in our front yard..
You can see the Black Distressed turned legs..
I made two coordinating Down Filled Pillows , one in a dark  linen, and one in the same french manuscript..

And here it is on our Front Window, with all the accessories..
Think Hubby, has a good eye..

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Art of Cane in Chairs

This Love, Appreciation, & Admiration I carry for Old,Vintage,Antique French /English Furniture just takes my breath away.
I have always had a "problem" with chairs. I have at least 10 at any given moment.
But the ones I have most been drawn to lately  & can not bare to part with for shoppe are the ones made with cane.
Cane has been popular for many years, Known as French Caning, Each Chair done by hand and dating back over 100 years
The amount of work, The intricate hand work each piece takes, You can see why so many are so expensive and so rare.

Sadly some need some repair.
Requiring days of work- cutting-soaking the cane-weaving-clamping it-wetting it-gluing it-spraying it-drying- to then waiting a few days for it all to set.
You can see why many are just left in the state they are found.
(I still say beautiful)

These two, not only have amazing cane sides, but intricate carved detail and beautiful fluted legs.

Love these dining chairs, simple but pretty and just enough detail. 
Mixing the Cane back, with Darling Cabriole legs, carved ornate flowers and then soft white linen, True Treasure.
While this is more unique, having a cane back and seat, it shows it's age & True Style.

Mixing the dramatic Cane Style-Fluted Legs-stuffed mixed fabric &stuffed cushion, Is- oh so Lovely, This is one of my favorites, the more unique the better.

And oh the potential these gems have, these are at auction in England.. The color -the seats-the backs
( Just Wonderful & so Charming)

The Beauty of Art in Furniture, is What I dream of at night what I wake up thinking about, and what i hope to work on in the day.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Host a Vintage Wedding!!

A Vintage Wedding..
We just had ourVintage Wedding Event this Week.
I wanted to share some of our Ideas we displayed.

1# Various Sizes-Styles of Vintage Framed Chalkboards
Use to direct guests to your wedding-Use to display menu-Sign in Sheet or just Sweet Marriage, Love Quotes.
#2 Take Vintage Buttons and tie to your Favors as a sweet little gesture.

#3 Add a little slice to your old Wine Corks to slip in your Table Seating.

#4 Using our Tea Stained Tags as Napkin (rings) or decoration with a message.

#5 Lovely Vintage Framed Burlap Cork boards- Use to arrange Table Seating-Use to display pictures of the Bride & Groom- Use to pin sweet notes- or directions during the wedding.

#6 Cutting a long Block of (2x4) Painted-Sanded and added Numbers- To use as Table Numbers, so your Guests know which table to sit at.

#7 Handcrafted Burlap Table Runners- Great to add to your table or use to hang off the edge for added texture.

#8 Re-Purposed Vintage Wedding dress- Made into a Table Cloth- added a Burlap Table Runner for a Sweet Rustic Touch.

#9 Little Mini sachets of Lavender- cover in burlap or vintage lace and add a darling bow-tag with Bride & Groom names, or Date of Event or sweet simple quote. 

#10 Use Vintage/Antique Scales to display flowers-favors-or little notes to your guests also use to showcase decoration pieces with a sweet style.

#11 Taking Vintage Jello Molds and add a Floral display
A unique piece with a sweet look.

Double uses for these Lil Gems, add onto a Vintage Scale and see the One of Kind look..

#12 Love these Old Vintage Typewriters.
Add a note for your guests to sign in- or just a Creative Message.

#13 Give your Guests a way to give Marriage Advice..
Take some old Branch's-leave bare or paint- stick in a decorative urn-
Glue some little flowers sporadically on the branches, and use mini clips to clip on little plain notes.
Allow your guests to write a message-advice-or inspiring quote for the Bride & Groom.

Sharing Ideas-Examples & Inspiration Such A Joy...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Place Setting Idea!

A Lil Tutorial on a Wedding-Shower-Birthday Place Setting.
As we are getting ready for our Vintage Wedding Event in the Shoppe-Figured I would share one of the Lil Ideas..
Found these little mini clay pots at the One Dollar store.

I took some blue (easy removable) tape and taped off the portion I wanted to paint.

I used Chalkboard Paint ( a favorite)

Let it dry-and pulled the tape right off, and a sort of decent square.

Added a cute flag I made-some grass-and the #1.

How Cute for Table Numbers- or Seating Arrangements-You could make larger and write names-or quotes.
(Endless Possibilities or You could fill with candy and give out as Thank You's for attending.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rustic Ambiance

These little Rustic Gems, are quite the catch lately, and my favorite addition to a fancy-elegant space.

Having that one piece that is unique-out of the ordinary and brings a bit of Rustic Style to your space can absolutely make your room.
Just that touch that shows your style-nature

A tad bit added to your table

Not so sure about lighting-but definitely a conversation piece at the least.
Antlers are equal to the once candlesticks once placed on the mantle or the loose flowers added around the table for extra ambiance.

So if your not going to bring in that one piece of animal print furniture, maybe try the Antlers.

Taking that beauty of the room, with crisp whites- elegant chandeliers-orderly neat style and hanging the antlers or head is just amazingly lovely to me.
Love it.

And Yes the bathroom too..

While there are decorating rules-guidelines for color-placement & style of your pieces you bring together.
There is really no rules-
My absolute favorite is the worn tattered leather sofa- crisp cream shag carpet-wainscot-molding-hard wood floors- Elegant crystal chandelier and Yes the Antlers...
(can you tell the direction I'm going with my home)..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Embelish with Hardware

There is so much art behind a piece of furniture.
The color of the piece- The detail in the carved edges- The style of the piece-The glass or edge work.

BUT one item that makes a huge difference in my eyes is the hardware.
I think it is one of the best ways to enhance a piece whether a dresser,cabinets, hutch or any piece Is to add hardware and better yet (vintage hardware).
Look at these amazing antique pulls, door handles or knobs.
The intense detail put into each piece.
The hinges- (yes even the hinges)
The keyholes, can make such an impact in a look as well.
Look at this amazing knob, the art behind the head the image.
-You can go to antique fairs or flea markets to find some of these special gems.
This is a lovely hutch but I think could sure use some pretty hardware to bring it alive.
However, this piece is just darling and oh has such beauty and I would have to say, the hardware has a play in it.
This pale shade of white is almost washed out, but the darker hardware brings some style to it.

The contrast was or is so amazing, the hardware just highlights this piece and shows off the beautiful color.
{I believe before you toss a piece or question painting a piece , add some hardware first, Im sure you'll be amazed}