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Monday, May 31, 2010

Shared From the Past

As i was looking over some pieces i did for customers, i think this was one of my favorites. Probably because I'm so drawn to black & white. But this fainting couch with swan carved detail (if you look close you can see the swans head going up the side). Hounds tooth so soft, pretty & stylish, But while doing this piece, i didn't realize there was a certain direction each tooth went in, so when calculating fabric,  I didn't think about that- Which Makes a HUGE difference on the amount of fabric needed.
(lesson learned)
Just one of my favorites i thought i would share.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why I Adore all that is Vintage!

Here is my Vintage Dresser Re-Finishing Job. My heart just skips a beat with these types of pieces. The carved bottom the little ledge in the middle  all of it , is just so charming. I wasn't so big on those handles-while cute, I wanted some that were more vintage and went with the style of dresser. And while the top handles are slightly bigger than bottom- it was all that i had, and of course i think the mix match adds to the shabby style.
Just love It!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Me & My Little Boy!

How fast the time goes by, My little boy now only weeks from turning 15 and today graduating the 8th grade moving on up to High School & even with heels he is now taller than I, where does the time go. A child who always had all A's maybe a B this has been the first year he had to struggle all year with Algebra just to maintain a D grade, many groundings, talks, lectures and at the very end he managed to bring it up to a C, Very Proud We Are.
Me & My little Boy!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage Minds Think Alike!

While visiting my favorite blogs today, i found this one in particular that had amazing pieces "Vintage Home Lifestyle" as i scrolled down drooling wishing i could go shop her shoppe, I noticed a chair very similar to one i did.
When doing upholstery for the stores i have been at, one of the hardest things is deciding which fabric to use on a chair I'm doing. It is such a shot in the dark. Well painting the chair gold, and using a faint white muslin was so one of the shots, and I was just getting ready to bring it back home, re-paint and re-upholster it.
But then i see her great chair, and i love hers, maybe Ill leave it a bit longer.
Make sure to check out Vintage Home Lifestyle- Lots of amazing vintage pieces.
Dare i say great minds think alike!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fireplace Mantel

Sharing a picture of our Fireplace Mantel, that my husband built. I sadly don't have a before picture- it was textured dry wall on the sides-and tile surrounding the fireplace -where the brick is now with no mantel on top to set decorations on.
My husband built the top mantel portion first, with (2) 1 inch thick piece's of wood-thick enough to allow for pictures-items to be set, then added crown molding underneath it, then some smaller molding to add more detail between the two-
A long thin flat piece of plywood he cut and used as the front portion-adding a tiny piece of molding trim around the edges.
On either side we found some long pieces of plastic like stuff-with deep groves-and attached it to both sides-then adding a thin piece of molding on either side of that to finish it off-
So basically just layering molding on top of each other-
The portion that was tile- we just sanded lightly and used thin bricks and cement and spread the cement over tile-used tile dividers for spacing between each brick-to then spread more cement all over the bricks- and then wipe down which gave the bricks a more toned down color.

Here are two more closer up pictures of brick-and molding-
Just an idea of how you can add some character to a flat dry walled, Tiled fireplace.

Totally Stuck!

OK so it has been a few days now, but still in a dilemma of the ceiling. Tried the silky sheer fabric all bunched up, tried some tulle, Tried them both just flat pinned up as well, and here is the latest pic of some muslin pinned up across the ceiling- But still can not figure out- the cost of fabric- or just adding some wood-and drywall the whole thing- for a tad bit more- tried the paint with a brush also. So tonight we are going to try one last cheap attempt with spray paint- thinking the spray paint might get into the crevices better-
So haven't forgotten about your great ideas-
Soon as i nail one down, Ill announce the winner of the flirty little apron.
Thanks for your patience & suggestions-help..

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vintage Desk Revival, i just couldn't Resist.

A Sweet little fixer upper- Found this Vintage Solid wood desk and just couldnt resist it. Deep, long drawers, the detail in the frame work, just love it all.
After a bit of sanding, a few coats of heirloom white and a touch of shabby distressing it is done & just lovely.

(Last day To Vote for anyone who wants to help my little shoppe out)
just go to link  below - at top -enter Gracefully Vintage and Vote im under furniture category.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Please help a New Little Business out!

So here is the Deal-Our local T.V. station Channel 3 is putting together the (A List) of best businesses in Sacramento. Gracefully Vintage is up for voting under (Furniture) category- I would be so Ever Grateful if you could take a minute to go over and place a vote- all you have to do is go to link below - type in gracefully vintage at top- and then enter your email and Vote-

Being a New shoppe-and tucked away down a hallway- I so could use the attention -advertisement from being on the A list-and could use the help from my creative,inspiring blogging friends.
Anyone can vote from anywhere at all..

--- just type in gracefully vintage at top of home page under the A list-and it should just pop up or you can go under furniture...

Here is some pictures, and some of what i offer and sell at my little shoppe-
Vintage re-finished dressers, hutch's, tables, desks, vanities, armories, I re-upholster vintage chairs, mini sofas, settees for store & take requests for more custom pieces.Sell many unique vintage finds, I sew custom aprons, pillows and offer embroidered items as well as do custom work. New gift items such as candles, soaps, clocks, mirrors, and sell my home made favorites chalkboards, cork boards, party hats, pom poms,clothespins, custom fireplace mantels, a few chandeliers and everyday have mini cupcakes or cookies for customers. Soon will offer party hosting for bridal,baby or little girl birthday parties and all at great pricing-
So i hope you will go vote for me and help my small -new little business out.xoxoxo
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vintage Finds for the Day!

Look at these two cool finds-
 An old wooden box spring i could lean against wall -or I could hang it from the ceiling?
And then that little wooden box with all the slots, in the pretty pastel shade of turquoise-How Cute is That-
Who would of thought i would be so excited over a warped old rusted mattress box spring or a school paper divider.

No jewels or fancy furs for me my friend just give me someone else's trash and I'm tickled pink!

p.s. Still working on the funky ceiling-going back up tonight to try some more ideas out & see what will look-work best..

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Life to a Very Loved Country Coffe Table!

Just wanted to share this darling little country coffee table i just finished for a customer-and i told her i would post how-what i did.
Starting with sanding the top- getting all of the lacquer and original stain off table- & sanding around the table getting the left over sticker goo off, or crayon marks sanded down and sanding down worn marks or doggy bite indents making it all even and smooth- take off knobs-and sand there as well.
I used a dark wood stain- going over entire table top  in same direction as wood grain- you can see in picture half of table with stain and half without.
I then painted the bottom portion in a heirloom white with a brush-letting dry-
then applying another coat of paint-and touching up more stain- on edges that didn't take all of the stain the first round.
After a night of drying- i sanded the areas I wanted to look a bit distressed- and then applied polyurethane to whole table-to seal, then again the next day.
And done! Some New life to a Very Loved Table. 
 I so Believe nothing is a lost cause or worth throwing away.

P.S. check out this amazing dresser i just got- I LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!
and so can't wait to work on it- another one i think i might want to keep.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bribery with a Give Away!

So here are the Flirty Stylish Hostess Aprons
( Choose size -4 -6 or so OR a size 8-10 or so each has ties-so totally adjustable as well)
1. Black Lace Overlay 2. Sheer Cheetah Sass 3. Elegant Lace

And here is where I Need Some Help and not ashamed to Bribe for it.

Ok so here is the deal-I'm desperately looking for some ways to cover-fix-or bring in some chic-ness or style whatever you want to call it to the icky ceiling at the shoppe. You know the ceiling type, the T-Bar &(ceiling tiles)with the florescent lights intermixed (four of them). I just can't stand it, there are 2 close ups and one sort of over view- so you could see how it would effect the rest of shoppe.
 I did try to paint the metal T-Bar but you could barely tell-
Now I don't own the building -only rent the shoppe space so It can't be to major- or involved or expensive. At only 370 Square feet-and 4 small windows- i have to be careful to not darken the room up either-
Please Help!!!

_OK so here is the Bribery Part- I'm going to do a give away, One of my flirty Hostess Half Aprons, there are 3 designs- Winner can choose which one they want.
BUT- you have to become a follower, and leave me your wonderful Idea.
 if your already a follower, just mention my Bribery Request-Give Away & a link back to my blog on your blog and leave me a Great Idea.

(THE Best Idea-and Blogger who adheres to  the Bribery Request will BE the Winner)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Vintage Rocker- ReUpholster with Toile

Well one down 14 or so to go. Here is my little Vintage Rocker I just re-upholstered (finally) after sitting in my family room for way to long. I choose Black-White Toile because i love it, & it is neutral. I think i actually did pretty good on the box cushion- that has always been my week spot when it comes to upholstery- but it came out pretty good- Now as far at the zipper -didn't even attempt it-especially as while doing the cushion i (sewed my middle left hand finger) YES sewed it- i was pushing the fabric through and the needle caught my finger-and for some reason my foot kept pressing the pedal- SO after that figured i would  leave the zipper attempt out and go with the ties again.
And well you can't tell when cushion is on seat. For the Seat cushion i used the toile and black and white check for bottom side-mixing up the piping . The seat cushion is down filled, so it is so cushy and comfy- One more piece that I'm debating keeping at home.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Can an New Door Become Old?

In my efforts to find the ever so hard to locate Old Raggedy Door with chipped paint-different shades of color and the worn marks of life , I have decided to try to make my own. Is that possible-well not really, but I'm going to give it a try.
Starting with a $25 Home Depot plain white paneled door-
Painted it black-then brown with spray paint, then painted it black again with a  brush all over nice and think- Letting dry for a whole day (not usual for me to wait that long) Then painted the door a shade of yellow- i found in the oops section for 50 cents.

After i painted the yellow and it dried- i used the sander and roughed up all the edges-crevices that i could, allowing the shades of black and brown to show through.
Lastly i added some $2.00 hinges- and a door knob all that i painted black and used the sander on to give a more worn look- Not Exactly an Old Door-but not so bad- with my yellow walls- kind of hard to tell.  But here is a close up where you can see the edges that kind of look old-and worn. Truth is the reason we all love the old doors & vintage furniture is that it is made so well, with such detail and character &  with real wood.  This knew door just isn't going to chip or age the same, because it isn't made of wood- But it will work for a background piece in the shoppe.
That is why I love the old.