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Friday, February 25, 2011

Love for the Odd and Old..

Maybe my Love for anything old-antique-vintage-worn comes from my childhood.
My parents would take me to every flea market-storage sale-yard sale they could find, I can even remember "dumpster diving" after a Storage Place dumped a storage unit in a dumpster, My mom just knew there was some finds in there.
Either way my appreciation for the unique, the different those odds and ends has just grown more & more.
Old Globes, no matter the style, the size or color just grab me, and I have to have them.
Something about the earth and the history behind it.

The minute we bring one into the shoppe, it is only days before it sells.
So I'm not the only one out there who loves these little gems.

There is just something about old typewriters as well.
I always buy for myself first-and usually get talked into bringing my new found treasure into shoppe to sell.
And all the while hoping it doesn't sell so I can justify bringing back home.

These old Vintage Typewriters sell right away as well, Maybe it is the wonder of what has been typed on it, who used it, Not sure, But I love them as well.

Growing up, My Dad had this old Clock that chimed every 15 min. on the dot- actually quite annoying, and on the hour it chimed the hour when it was 12 it seemed it would never stop.
BUT now, I miss that clock, and I'm always on the hunt for old clocks. I suppose that could be why many of us adore these odd old pieces, they remind us of our childhood.

Just like with furniture, the detail put into each piece is just stunning.

Who would think that seeing all of these darling antique-vintage frames hanging from this tree would make me smile.
I just love these old frames, the same idea, what did they frame, who was in them, where did they sit.

I can tell you that this beautiful image of a fireplace mantel in the middle of no-where is just gorgeous to me, So inspirational.

The beauty of old Luggage, the ways you can use them, how they photograph so well.

For Wedding photos, in your home, to set up displays or even at a party to store favors in.

I realize all of my loves, are most bloggers loves as well, but the old vintage dress forms are one of our biggest requests and how they highlight a room.

These old ones are just so lovely, I just think these bigger ones are the best.

So Sweet for Display, to use for sewing or even to set up your outfit.
Thanks for letting me share some of my loves.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonder of Burlap

Amazing all that you can do with one Very Reasonable Priced Fabric.
Upholster Chairs for a Nice Neutral Look.

(All that is Burlap)

Beautiful Natural Pillows

Unique Custom Curtains or
Sweet Napkin Rings

(Elizabeth Anne Designs)

Yes Even a Dress

Beautiful Door banner

Who would of Thought, Cup Holder

Darling Table Runners (These we carry at the Shoppe)

Too Cute French Stool

Burlap Lamp Shades
SO many things you can do or make with that Wonderful Burlap..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Vintage Chair in Linen!

 Sharing the Latest Chair I have Re-upholstered.
Luckily I have many friends who have the same love for Vintage pieces, So a while back I traded two of my wingbacks for two chairs like this-not sure if they would end up at shoppe or stay home with me.

While the blue velvet is pretty, It isn't what I wanted in our Family room.
As I have shared I'm still in the process of Re-decorating our home-
 I'm going with more neutral colors & decided seeing as I have two, I will do them both in a Textured Linen allowing the tacks to show, hoping for a some what rustic touch, and the bit of the nail head is dark and ties in our New Leather Sofa..

And Yes after seeing so many blogs on the latest Country Living Article about that amazing home in San Fran-
I couldn't resist the Linen Pillow.

Getting Closer to finishing the room, can't wait to share..

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Perfect Toile

 Toile is one my Favorite Fabric Patterns, Has a Nice French Feel to it. I have always used it when I upholster for the shoppe as my go to fabric, when I can not think of a fabric to use on a piece.
However Lately I notice it everywhere and on everything.

There are so many styles-colors-textures of the toile.

The Lighter Shades perfect for that unique French Chair

More Vibrant in a Red for this Fainting Couch
Or Classic Floral Toile in Black w/ a mixture of textures-colors to tie it all together.

Who would of thought to do a table in toile

Very Unique and I'm sure a One of Kind Piece

How Exquisite is this one.

Sometimes just adding a touch here or there, can make a room or draw your attention to your Piece.

Look at this Darling of mixtures as well with a matching ottoman.

I do believe Toile is just one of those elements that doesn't go out of style.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

French Prints

My love isn't just for Vintage furniture, I have this love for these prints/paintings as well.
I have two in my home now, but they are only 8x10 I would love to come across large ones.

As I am fascinated with Old Furniture always wondering where it has been, who has sat in it what the story is behind each piece, I believe these prints are quite the same.

Some are Historical , but some are not, And as I do with furniture, I wonder what the story is behind each one.

There is something classic about each one

Many I have found are dated back to the 1700-early 1900,s, and many are of the French.

Maybe that is Why I love them so much, they remind me of the Classic French Style..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

French Furniture

I have this extraordinary Love for Old-Antique-Vintage Chairs. The Detail in the frame, the Grand Style, the French Style is just so Beautiful.
This little Darling is one of my Favorites, I'm on the hunt for  right now- as I'm re-decorating our home, these are on the (want list)...
I think the reason , I love vintage french chairs so much, is each one is so unique and just different, the carving, the detail, the style, the patterns you can use on them.

Loving how charming this looks with the table in one color and the chairs in another.

How Lovely is the mixing of the chairs-with style and color.

I'm in love with this French sofa, the wood curvature, the tufting on the back, Just Love It..
And I always think you should have a touch of animal print in your home, whether a throw, pillow or small piece of furniture.

How Darling this wallpaper is, and the matching chair.
This Style Chair is also one of my favorite's and the style I learned to do Upholstery on..
SO Sweet.

Can not forget this little Treasure, So amazingly beautiful,
When I see french or Vintage furniture my heart skips a beat.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Window (Bow & Arrow How To)

February Brings Romance..
Time for New Front Window Valentine's Day Display
Bought 1 1/2 inch Plastic Molding trim,
Cut it to the size I wanted,
Drilled holes on either side, and used twine to pull together.

I added some tissue paper on it, trying to give it some substance

Bought a wooden dowel & painted black, so I can use as the arrow.

I then painted the Bow in a (Rustoleum "New" Metallic Gold) then used my Cricut for perfect hearts and painted red and added some Martha Stewart Red Fine Glitter.

Once my wooden stick was black I used flower tape and taped the feather sticks to it, taping it on, and repainting stick black.

And this is how it turned out.

And Wa la-Our front Valentine Window.. 

Going for a Simple Window
Using a Vintage Wolf Dress Form,
adding some Beautiful Feathered Wings,
The Bow & Arrow I made and adding a sweet Gold Chandelier to highlight the scene & lastly a large
 Gold Vintage Framed Chalkboard sharing our wishes of a
Happy Valentine's Day!!