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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Loving the Linens!

One of my latest Upholstery Jobs for a Client.
Taking this multi colored Vintage Wingback and Upholstering it in a Neutral Linen, hoping to give it an Elegant, Sophisticated but Shabby Chic Style.

Giving it clean lines, and adding a ruffle trim,
gave the chairs a fun & flirty touch.

Previously to the two Wingbacks I Upholstered the 6 dining chairs in the same fashion.

Hopefully these finished chairs bring a Shabby, French feel to the room they are going in, but with a Calming Neutral Style.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Host In Style!!

Loving all that is Vintage/Old and a Bit over the Top, I am bringing in more of my Hostess Aprons for the Holidays, I sold all but one of my original set.
All of which have a 1950's Flair,
Lacy retro Style,
and Flirty Touch
with a sense of French Elegance.

Darling Pink & Over Lay Lace to the knee,

Animal Print Short & Sassy,

Elegant with Style,

French & Classic,

Flirty with Polka Dots,
I love the fancy touch, and when Hosting  a party for the holidays, why not Host in Style, Or a True Hostess Gift..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

French Provencial Sofa

As I shared on my side bar, this was going to be our Family room sofa-
But once we got it in the house, It wasnt the right size.
So I instead  Re-Upholstered it for the shoppe.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Have to Admit!

Have to Admit!!

As I mumble or grumble at the 4 day a week practices between two girls at different times, The morning & afternoon games on Saturday,
The expensive nature of the sport,
The strict rules & Guidelines
&  Long, Loud Competitions.

I have to Admit seeing the Commradity, the Sister Hood, the Bonding
as they cross the field or stage to begin the Routine they have practiced for Months

I can feel the tear come down my face with proudness & gratitude to the Coach's & Instructors who give so much of their time & patience to these girls

Teaching them to stand and honor the National Anthem

To respect and appreciate each other

To Smile & Be Proud of your Home Town & the Boys your Cheering for.

As well as showing the girls how to have fun & Love who they are with or with out a First Place Trophy..
So I Have to Admit I'm Grateful and Thankful to all Our Coach's for what they give my little ones, Such Memories..
Good Luck to my girls at Competition down at UOP tomorrow!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweet Shades of Style

Loving all that is Pink & Pretty, Shabby & Sweet

Darling & Cute I can Now offer a bit of all Styles -Colors-Design & Textures with a bigger Shoppe.

Not wanting to mush-crowd or clutter or combine Darker shades with Lighter or bedroom with dining or impose class & elegant on charming & rustic.

There is just about enough room to have a Shabby white's & pinks for the little girl in us with vinettes of a writing area, or a bedroom scene or fancy dining area.

And as much as I love the shabby chic (Rachel Ashwell) whites,golds,pinks I also Adore the Classy touch Black brings to a room

The French Feel that a Bold Color with fancy turned legs gives.

So now the shoppe has an Elegant (Ballard Design) style(in which i love) a Sweet Pink & Shades of Blue area, & the calmer more muted whites, greys, golds for the Rustic touch.

And all set up to give the customer an idea of how and what you can use each piece for, Hopefully Giving & Bringing Inspiration to each person who visits.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Decorating!

Loving Halloween & as it is soon approaching I wanted to share some of my Halloween Decor..

Using this Amazing French Provincial Desk/Hutch Re-Finished in a Beautiful Black as a background Piece.
I added a Vintage Tin Pail , some Painted Black Birch Tree Branches with some mini pumpkins.
Placed some black crows and birds on the chandelier and frame for some added scare.

I made these cutie Coasters in Fun Halloween Patterns

Love My Black Fur Wreath, added One of my Favorite Accessories (Ribbon) in a Spooky Stripe.

        I made these Little Mini Washcloths, Embroidering (Boo!) and adding some Darling Check Ribbon for an added touch.

In the Halloween Spirit, Historic Folsom Host a 2nd Saturday Art Walk each month, with a different Theme, As we are all still in the THICK of Construction/Revitalization the theme for October was
Walk the Plank -as many of us have wood/metal planks to our doors as they are building the sidewalks.

So Here are some of the Magnificent Pirates they hired to walk the street during the Event. They were so good, there was 7 total, after I closed shoppe, we walked around and kept running into them, My littlest one, just lost her front tooth, and the Pirate would refer to her as "There is the one with the Scurvy" and show his blackend out teeth, & ask if she wanted a kiss..
SO stinkin Cute...

Going on with the Halloween Post, I have shared  pictures of this Amazing home before, this is my landlords Home (Mansion).
My daughter had to do a report on it, as it is a Historical Home here in Folsom.
Built in 1894, to the Cohn family,
who owned a shoppe here on Sutter St. for 70 Years.

Im sure you can tell i have this obsession with all that is OLD. Homes,Furniture,Clothing anything, even Stories..
So as we did research and picked my landlords brain, we found out that this home's first floor is built of granite blocks from the Sierra Nevada,
That Bats lingered & made homes in that Cupula Tower,
& that in those steps my little one is sitting on, the previous renters found a baby coffin, with baby skeletal remains, nobody knows how long they have been there or whose they were.
When we asked if there was ever any funny business, we were told, that sometimes they heard footsteps going up or down the stairs in the home..
This is the side view of this Wonderful Home.

(extra credit if she took pictures with her landmark)

Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shabby Home made Lovelies!!

 As Im still working on the shoppe and the expansion, I have also welcomed in a Good friend of mine from Shabby Chic Fairytale & we are combining our Shabby Chic touches, Love of French Style and passion for Vintage Style.
Luckily we are both Blessed with Helping-Supportive Husbands.
This Darling Vintage Head board-Footboard is new to shoppe.
My husband built a bed frame out of some left over wood, so we could mock a mini bed for the shoppe to show off this amazing Vintage bed, while not taking up to much room.

Her husband Distressed and aged the Doors in the background so we could have a lovely background piece for a bedroom setting.

We both have this desire to create, Here a few new hand made pieces that are now in the shoppe.

These darling wall plaques that were painted,distressed, and vintage glass knobs added, making perfect for a towel, sweater or just decoration.

This large overstuffed Vintage Wingback I upholstered in a super soft Pale Pink custom fabric, added a few bronzed tacks for a somewhat shabby style.

These Darling Down Filled Pillows are also new to the shoppe, come in a variety of fabrics,textures.

One my most favorite things to make for my shoppe, Custom Crowns in many styles, colors & for several differ occasions or make a request.

This sweet Totally Home Made rocking horse in a darlng zebra pattern is just too darling and a True One of Kind..
(What a cute Baby Shower Gift)

After so many attempts I finally got the slip covers down, so Gracefully Vintage is now offering linen seat slip covers with Sweet Shabby Ruffles.

Wanting to offer Vintage Furniture, many Home Made favorites, childrens decor and now bringing in organic soaps in many fragrances, such as Oatmeal, lavender, Biscotti, and many more and in cute wrap, Great Gifts.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vintage Trike!

For My 3oth Birthday my parents bought me this Darling bike. I had been looking for one for a while and wanted to be able to put my daughter in the back and ride her to school or pick her up.
Sadly the chain and frame was off a bit, so I couldnt use it.
Now that i have a shoppe, I thought i could use it as a display or decoration for front of shoppe.

So I painted her in a pretty pink, upholstered the seat in an animal print added a basket & some luggage.

As good as the luggage looks in it, a good friend of mine's little girls look even cuter in it.
What is better than two cuties in tu tu's and big sweet smiles.

& as darling as the girls are in it, how adorable is this, Big Brother giving the girls a ride in the basket..