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Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Too Shabby

I thought I would post a picture of the cute little shop i sell my pieces at. The shop is located in the Historic District of Folsom where there are many antique,vintage shops, restuarants,jewelry shops, even a drama theatre where they do live plays called Stage 9, as well as live music at night and a new high end Stake House, all in walking distance of Lake Natoma & steps from Rainbow Bridge. So the shop Not Too Shabby is in a great little area.With Sutter St.getting ready for a new look with some re-development going on this year. We are hoping it can only help our business, as we are only two shops up from where they are going to be working.

Every Room needs Animal Print!

While I love elegant style, & shabby chic designs, or simple shades of heirloom white I really love that one piece of furniture that becomes an accent piece or the talk of your room. So whether it is cheetah (my favorite) or zebra, or my new found fur giraffe. It is a must in my opinion.

Take a Risk

Loving what I do, & loving sharing my ideas, or thoughts on fabric-types of chairs-taking chances on color,and how there is no mistake you can make, you have to remember you can always sand-and repaint, or tear off fabric and re-upholster, so go out on a limb, & paint those cabinets, or tackle that table, you can't imagine how paint can change a room whether it is on the wall or furniture. And it is always good to get a second opinion, like from a friend or a designer or just be confident in yourself. A good friend of mine Suzanne is a designer and has such great style must check out her blog
( )for excellent ideas of inspiration.

Loving the old,vintage chairs, see my special collection that i have collected over the years, we were cleaning out the garage and lined up all my chair(21 total) in the driveway. People kept stopping to see if we were having a yard sale- I had to tell them (back off mama's) these are my treasures.

Monday, February 15, 2010

loving my stamp

while I love making the fancy over the top aprons, i have found a new style of apron to make, with a linen, and a stamp that i made. So i really wanted a large crown stamp-but they are a little pricy-so i used some of my husbands insulation from work and made my own Crown Stamp. Well it turned out well, so then i thought i could make a heart one, and then a bird one.SO here is my crown one i did. And even more exciting is that it sold 3 days after i brought it in.(yeah)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine Sweet Shop Night

Not Too Shabby has been doing great, sales are more than expected for January and we are very excited about that, the store has come together quite well, looks amazing,& a real warm feel to it especially with all the beautiful pieces in it, that are going quick-so it has been nice to rotate in the new items we have been working on at our homes and create a new look each week. With Valentine's only a week or so away we are Hosting a Valentine Sweet Shop night with The Lovely/Elegant Stella & Dot jewelry that is so beautiful with it's vintage inspired look to it, Our good friend Casie will be displaying it from 6-8, a great opportunity to see the new spring collection with no hassle no pressure while you browese through store enjoying 5% off everything in store. On top of that we will be providing wine and chocolate desserts- a Perfect Girls night out- Shopping-Sales-Jewelry-Chocolate and a glass of wine. 306 Riley St. From 6pm to 8pm-give your hubby an idea of what you want for Valentine's Day- only takes a few days to get items in with Stella & Dot.Become a Follower and recieve an additional 10% any of my items in store. to preview some of her items..