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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Leather or Not

Came across the chair, a plush (So Comfy) Rocker, Original plan was to Upholster it for the Shoppe. But it is SO comfortable, that it is now going to be our family room chair.

I'm in the process of re-decorating our family/living room going away from Bright Yellows-Reds-Blues of the French Country Style
and going with
More Elegant,French Vintage but a bit more Class or Neutral ( I think)

So After a Trip to Restoration Hardware , I realized I wanted a Brown Leather Couch-Loving theirs but not loving the $3500 Price tag.
I set out to see if I could re-upholster our sofa in a (faux) leather
so I thought I would practice on this chair and see how goes.

Adding the metal tacks for a bit of rustic ,(not totally Finished)

This is a Polyester Fabric that I think looks a lot like Leather, it is
super soft and comfy to sit on (unlike leather actually)

Soon Ill share pictures of the Re-Decorating of the home, so far the walls went from Yellow to an Antique White, Curtains are being made in either Linen or a soft Blue/Tiffany color, If Only I could work as fast as my mind is going.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shoppe Vingettes

Sharing some Pictures of Shoppe..
What is So Wonderful about the New Location is the ability to offer a variety of styles, textures, colors, samples of design, show examples of Custom Upholstery, Painting techniques & Of course Front Windows to lure customers in with.

Rustic French

Pieces with History

Vintage Hardware

Polished Beauty

Elegant French Style

Classic Black

Just thought I would Mention
We WON, the Best Holiday Windows on the Street.
(Best Decorated Window in Historic Folsom)

Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Sharing some Samples of My Upholstery Work..






An Example of Two Parson Chairs I did for a Customer



Vintage Rocker that Swiveled as well, Upholstered in a Toile with Check Accent trim.

(As I have mentioned I don't do Zippers- I add sweet Ties)

Petite Sofa I Upholstered in a White Soft Duck Cloth with Black Toile Accent Pillows.

While I love this style of chair- I had to do what the Customer requested which was to Upholster it in this Brown Floral.

Not my normal style or design, but what the Customer wanted.

Always nice seeing Before-Afters, so you can get an idea for a piece your working on or My style of Work.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hostess Aprons

So with the Holidays Here, I guess you can tell I have been working on the Hostess Aprons..
This little Child's 1/2 Ruffle apron is just to cute..
This one is a little more calm & settle with a light brown rosette Overlay.

Fun with a Semi Retro look, with the bright blues and Floral with a Long Bow to the side.

Darling Tiffany Blue with Brown Polka Dots and sweet trim.

Of Course the Over the top Fancy Hostess Style.

This is the same style and fabric as the first one, but an adult version.

Sassy with the animal print.

and one of my fav's the Toile with fun fur, such a great gift for the cook, who has everything.

I just love the aprons, they are fun to make, fun to customize and see what you can come up with .