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Saturday, December 31, 2011

How Old Are You?

How old is an item-or How do you determine the age of a piece?
When it comes to Antique-Vintage pieces, there are many ways I determine the age-or at least a Ball Park idea.
1. The Look- The wear & tear on the piece- an old piece should look old-there should be some wear -and the piece should show it's age.
2. The Condition- The quality of the materials, & How it is made-with Dovetail
3. Antiques are 100 years old or older- and Usually have softer-rounded edges.

There are many reproductions-so examining the piece, can lead to which you have.
Is it made with Square Nails- which were used before 1820's

Pulling out the drawers to see the craftsmanship
* Example of the Dovetail-
Large Dovetail is Early 18th Century
Smaller Dovetail began being used in the 19th Century and if they are more evenly spaced then they were made by machines and made during the Victorian Era.
An example of an Antique Chippendale Chair-

There should be some wear on the top edge- where it would/should get the most wear from grabbing over the years from hands that have natural oils in them.(should be darker in color)
There should be some dings on arms from bumping of table-walls or other items.

These re-production Chairs (Chippendale Style) from Pottery Barn are made to look a bit worn..

When working with Upholstery-Usually the more you dig into them and tear apart the layers-the history will show through.
Older pieces-are stuffed with horse hair-and definitely more fragile- some have hand made screws or square nails inside holding the lining together & again as seen here-you can see the discoloration of the wood from age & natural wear.

Whether you buy because you Love the style-detail-character of the piece or if your buying because you collect antiques-
Always good to know what your purchasing & the value of it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Rose Settee

Keeping with my Love of French Settee's.
I bought this Wonderful Piece from a friend of mine.
This Rose Settee.
The Detailed Carved Frame, The Lovely Curvature and Style are just Beautiful..
But not exactly in this fabric.

This was the First one I did mixing the textures-fabrics-style.
Using a Soft Neutral -Classy Darker Linen,

But leaving the original Burlap on for the back, I Did recover the back of the piece-so it has a more finished look.

Adding some Pillows ,and one with a burlap ruffle to tie in the burlap back.
They are just so sweet at the end of a bed-corner of a room-office or as an accent piece, Ive even recently seen one on a porch-How Darling would that be.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The French Settee

The French Settee.
The Beautiful Hand Carved Frame,
Cabriole Legs of this one from Bella Cottage.

The Fluted Legs on this one also From Bella Cottage.

The Small Stature-Detail Flower Work along Frame all are just exquisite.
The Wonderful Simple Elegance in Linen from this one at Layla Grace.

Or this one From Gracefully Vintage (I just Brought In)with the Two Differ. Fabrics- Original Burlap Back-with tacking-Mixed with the soft Neutral Textured Linen and Over Stuffed Linen Pillows.
For Now I'm loving the Mixing of Textures especially on these Ultra French Settees with Delicate Lines.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Lighting..

As I love Chandeliers, I Found some Beauties to share-
This one in Veranda -is just so stunning with all the draping of the Crystals-the Gilded Gold-Just Breath Taking.
How Darling is this one with pretty pink beads and whimsy ornaments dangling down..

So Fun, not so much a Chandelier but a pot rack-adorned by greenery-reds and shiny silver pots-pans-gives you the illusion of a Pretty Chandelier.. 

While this one isn't of a Chandelier -but Beautiful Sconces-
How they make the room & set the stage for Holiday Elegance 

And well this one is just plain fun.

Sometimes it isn't just lighting-but the Center Piece of your home.