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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Love the Animal Hide!!!

                              A True Love for the Animal Hide
                   The Darling Eclectic Style of an Upholstered Piece.

Sweet as a Throw Rug with a Beautiful Elegant Sofa

Love the Color-the Softness-the Out of Norm..

Lovely as an ottoman

Mix & Match with Leather dark or light wood.

Or as we have done in shoppe, added to a linen settee

And for Show in our Front Window.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Little French Rustic Settee

This was the Little Treasure I bought at Alamdea..
Just a Dainty little Vintage Settee..
Those Darling Curves-Sweet Feet-Pretty Carved Back, get me everytime.. 
I love the feminine look of these settees.

Lately I have become more of a fan of the darker original woods-but Had to paint it, as I still love the whites..

Here is how the little piece turned out, in a soft neutral linen.
I added some Over stuffed Down Filled Pillows.

For the Window Display I added my Favorite Cow Hide and my Violin...

Love the mixture of the feminine with rustic...

Monday, May 9, 2011

The New Look!!!

Many of you who have followed my blog-or visited the shoppe, Know the struggle of the Construction over the past year.
We just Celebrated the "End" of the Revitalization "Construction"...
This is where my shoppe started (800) Block of Sutter.
Believe it or not- this was Beauty compared to some of what we went through.
The street was Complete Dirt-Mud for a good portion of summer-Construction workers had to escort the customers in.
Our signs were taken down to re-build the awnings..

So as you can see unless you knew my Lil shoppe was down the hall, you would never of known I was there..

I miss many of my neighbors down that hall, it was nice to have neighboring shops to visit with while it was slow..

But when a good friend of mine invited me down to the
 (600) block to share rent-space-work at this location-where they had just begun the construction-
I decided, I would give it a try-Front exposure would be great, and to have someone to share space-work with would also be great for my family...

As much as I love red-yellow- My home use to be decorated in those lovely French Country Colors,
That wasn't my style or color scheme for shoppe, and as you can see there was that dirt-mud. No awning- to cover our customers-no sidewalk to lead the way..

**Here is the Final (at night) picture of the shoppe**

Now painted in two tones of Green, a Modern Framed Awning-Paneling on Front-New Large Glass Door- and Paneled roof Ceiling..

I had my Husband add a Black Chandelier out front-
and Made the sign to hang on front of building. Using a bright white-and black lettering.

Hope you can stop by to see the new look, it has been a LONG year.
We are all excited to show off the street.
{Gracefully Vintage}
611 Sutter St. Historic Folsom

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

French Settee Re-Covery

Latest French Settee Re Upholstery..
While this sofa (too) is glorious in it's original style-fabric is a little dirty-worn &slightly outdated & just not my style.
The last one I did- that was very similar-I really liked that one, And did love the way it looked in shoppe-
So I wanted to do this one in the same style.

Sanding it down-adding some Primer-Paint and Distressing,
Sure to highlight the perfect carved features.

I went with a Beautiful Soft Neutral Linen, made some coordinating pillows, and used Vintage Tacking for a bit of Rustic ambiance.

Just looking at the detail in the wood work, makes my heart pitter-patter..

Just Darling, Super Comfortable, Super Soft and Sold!!

Can't wait to start on my next one..

If you would be ever so Kind to take a Min.. To go Vote through the link- Are little shoppe (Gracefully Vintage) is in the running for (Best Furniture) on the KCRA A List..
(Just click the link & Vote)

Little contest like these can sure help a small business out like mine.
Every Vote Counts-we were in First Place and over the weekend slipped to Second Place..
You can vote from anywhere-everywhere..
Only a few days left in the voting..
Thank YOU SO much & I could so Use some Blogging Help...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

If a Painting Could Talk?

If a Painting Could Talk?
A week ago, while out shopping with my family, I spotted this lil treasure of a painting in a local shoppe-
I knew I wanted it-but didn't need it..
Trouble with having a shoppe-the lines between shopping for  shoppe (re-sale) and shopping for home get crossed  way too often..

BUT I Oh So Loved it- I was even brave and asked for a better price- But still knew I shouldn't be buying for home, and a bit too pricey for shoppe,not that I would let it go there- so I slowly walked outside, and Apparently talked about it all the way home-and days after.

Friday Night as I was working on an upholstery piece for shoppe and wrapped in the history & magical beauty of watching the Royal Wedding..
I never even noticed my Husband sneak the Chippy Old Painting in our Laundry room.
And in my effort to multi task-putting away his boots on my way back from sewing some welting, I just about fell over-when he was sitting on our washing machine waiting for me to notice..

Isn't this the most amazing Chippy Painting Ever,
Where did this old painting sit-how did it get so chippy-who painted it-who is it- I JUST LOVE IT!!!
Yes, I do have the BEST Husband ever...