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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vintage Wedding Dress /Tablecloth

A Little Vintage Wedding Dress..
In all that ruffle-tulle-lace-satin, I knew I could re-use this Old Vintage Wedding Dress that was offered to me before it was going to meet it's fate in the garbage can for something.
A tablecloth would be Perfect.

Laid it out on a card table-to get a pattern-
Cut off top portion of dress-
Tacked a thin muslin fabric to the surrounding top-edges.

After sewing it-Flipped it back over and here you go,
A Vintage Wedding Dress Table Skirt/Cloth..
I added the burlap runner to the top, to add a little rustic character

Im sure whom ever this belonged to, would be pleased to know the Beauty of the Dress lives on.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Vintage Spring!

The Beauty of something so sweet,  pretty in pink, and full of spring as they Hydrangeas mixed with something so old, rusty, chippy & worn as this metal cart..
The combining of two elements..
Is Just Lovely

                                                   A Happy Vintage Spring!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

French Inspired Piece..

Sharing of some Upholstery on a French Inspired Piece..
Came across this Beautiful Vintage Sofa a while back, Fell in love with the carved detail, the birds, the instrument, the legs, the sides the back all of it-such intricate detail..

Once I sanded the edges that were chewed by some animal, I painted and distressed it, loving it more as i went along.

Not sure what I would do with it, keep it-sell at shoppe or just saver in our Garage that has become a holding unit for pieces I love too much to sell-but have no more room in our home.

I do love tufted backs, but for this one, I wanted a more clean simple look.
Deciding to go with neutral soft linen, I also wanted to use old tacks instead of making my welting to match.

Adding some coordinating Down Filled Pillows to tie it all together.
Took to shoppe, Sold in (ONE)day...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Alameda or Bust!!

                              As we drove down the California Coast on our way to Alameda (Antiques by the Bay) took some beautiful shots of the Bay in my anticipation & excitement.

A Perfect place to shop for the shoppe & Me...

Amazing weather, Breathtaking View of the Bay Bridge.

Saw many familiar Vendors (Marilyn)

Her space is always lovely..
& I have to share-Saw these set of 6 chairs there for $700.

Just sold very similar set of Vintage Cane Chairs in the shoppe.

Beautiful Grain Sack Pillows...

There was lots of this and that's, You could stare for hours, and miss something.

Lots of Industrial pieces-which i love...

Met a sweet lady Georgia, who hand makes all of these signs.
Too Cute..

One of my Favorites, The Upholstered Pieces..

Of Course one of the Great Ones "Big Daddy"..

Slip Covered Pieces..

Tons of Hardware, Crystal Knobs-handles-latches and more...

Perfect shades of green furniture

Me & my daughter who was Amazing.
Her & my husband, were so sweet to not only wake up at 5am but to walk with my treasures, and push the cart as I ran ahead searching for more gems..

A little peak at some of my favorite finds..

More Industrial-Metal pieces

So many Unique off the wall finds,

One more of my fav. spots to stop at I love all the unique pieces and love the color of the linen.

More amazing furniture,

Tons of rackets,

Odds & Ends,

Great Views for the ride home..

There was just so much to see, I wish I had a bigger vehicle, and wish I was able to share more of my finds with the shoppe.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Endless Possibilites

Over the Years my love for rustic architecture has grown tremendously.
What you can build or make out of nothing.
What you can design from scraps.
How nothing can become something.
For my shoppe, I had used old thin wood-painted it loosely and nailed on the wall, to give a textured differ. look..
(as you can see in my background for all my shoppe pics)

How amazing that same wood could possibly turn into a dramatic fence like this one.

Used to build a rustic barn.

Build an island or potting bench.
A darling cabinet

The idea of taking a piece that is meant for one use-and completely altering so it can be used for something else.
Is just my favorite..
This beautiful sink.

Taking a sweet buffet-cutting out center adding a sink, and now having a beautiful unique (one of kind) vanity for your bathroom-or possible kitchen.

When your willing to take the risk, your possibilities are endless. 
I truly believe you can not ruin a piece of furniture-
If you don't succeed at first-try again-or turn into something else.

Antique Corbels are just stunning to me, the history-the detail work, the design-all so breath taking.

Knowing the craftsmanship behind each one.

 Beautiful is the imperfect nature, the dings, the scratches the chippy paint.

How lovely they are just resting on a side table, holding a shelf up or used to build a custom fireplace.

We have several styles-sizes at shoppe , & sadly are pleased when they do not sell.

Embrace the Beauty of imperfection & Proudly toot your horn at giving a piece a new use and welcome the new possibilities with each piece.