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Friday, February 24, 2012

Textures & Textiles

Textures & Textiles...
When Creating an environment that is soothing & beautiful replace, Color with Texture.
Keep a Neutral Palette & Use pieces that have Textured Surfaces to bring Interest to your space.
Introduce Textiles such as Burlap-Canvas-Natural Linens.

Add Burlap Drapery for the Textile & with a Ruffle for the Texture & dimension.
Keep colors calm & neutral with a White Canvas Sofa
Vintage Whitewashed Library Cabinet
 Natural wood Coffee table & Basket to top of Cabinet bring it all together.

Use White & Cream Linens for the furniture pieces-
Use a Mirror-Old Luggage & Books to show some texture
While the flooring & Furniture is in Soft whites-
Try this Industrial Cart as a Coffee table & add some flowers
( Gives you a textured surface & soothing colors)

Old Doors are perfect for Interest
Natural Linen sofa & Planked flooring
are a wonderful Mixture & Soothing to the eye.

In any room you can apply these principles-
Wood Flooring-Natural Wood Hutch
Canvas seats-Linen Drapery in same shade of white
Beautiful  Crystal Chandelier give you a
calm-pretty-dining area

Adhering to same color palette-A large Gold Chalkboard -gives you a pop of color above an Old Sideboard
Perfect touch of elegance-texture 
 (and practical)
Old Wood Crates are a lovely way to bring in Texture to a large surface area and create a Rustic-but neutral environement.
A Bathroom
Porcelain white-- brown natural woven baskets
keeping with same shades-tones- only changing up the texture is what makes your space feel relaxing & comfortable.

(Become a follower of Gracefully Vintage on Pinterest & visit all of these Wonderful Inspiring Sources on our Textures & Textiles Board)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Perfect Match...

A Perfect Match..
When Decorating-If you Love Vintage Pieces-Your bound to come across some Industrial Items as well-
And if you Love the Dramatic touches of French Designs, You'll love toning it down with the other two.
Giving you the Perfect Match.
Using Vintage- Rustic- Industrial Wood Crates as
Storage and giving a Wall some Raw Texture.

Bring in an Old Trunk, Use it as a Coffee Table-Giving you extra Hide able Storage as well.

An Industrial Table as a desk-

Old Vintage Industrial Cart as a Coffee Table

Mixing the Metal-Wood-Masculine Leather -
(A Perfect Mix of Elements)
Or with a Soft Neutral Linen

Old Wood Unit -Perfect for Flat Screen-
add some Vintage Luggage-metal tin-
(Now a Decorative way to showcase the T.V.)

Wonderful Vintage Metal File Cabinet-
Great Accent -Decorative-Storage Piece.

Old Vintage Industrial Stools-
Lovely for a Vanity-Desk-

Mixing Vintage Woods with Industrial Metals and adding Soft Linens is just a Perfect Match of Elements.
     {Visit Gracefully Vintage on Pinterest for Sources for all the above Images}

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

French Furnishings

Just Plain Beauty..
The Art of French Furnishings & Design.
The Wonderful Curvature-Sweet Detail.

The exquisite Wood & lush Fabric's.

The Many ways you can use such a piece,
Entry to a home-
End of the Bed-
Reading Nook-

The Grand Nature of size-
How the Drapery can change the whole scale of a room-

This Beautiful piece from Atelier de Campagne
The Lovely Vintage Cane Bench-
Perfect on the front porch or in the garden-

The wonderful clean lines of this crisp white settee from Full Bloom Cottage-
Just so Pretty.

Love to share such Beautiful Pieces of Art-
Where images came from are on Gracefully Vintage Pinterest (French Design)..