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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spruce up Your Wreath..

This Lil Wreath is from Michael's-
Cute-But a lil Plain-Small.
Went out in to our Front Yard- Cut some branches off our tree & as well as some from our Christmas Tree -So there was a variety of textures-

Clipped these ones off some bushes in our Yard as well

Bought this Artificial Bunch of Bright Greenery.

Clipped the pieces to smaller sizes-and just pieced together in the wreath- added more where needed- to give it an even look-going around and using the Branch's of the wreath that are made of wire-to some what hold together as well.

Adding the misc styles-shades-textures of greenery mixing real and artificial gives it a more realistic look and brings the smell of the tree inside as well.
I added a small simple ribbon to hang from my Hutch.

Small-Easy-Affordable way to bring Christmas to every room.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Mantels...

Holiday Mantels..

Simple & Classic

Pretty with Reds & Whites..

Full with Greenery.

Soft Shades of White..

Beauitful Greens & Reds..

SO many styles-themes & all tell a story of you..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

                                  Happy Thanksgiving
-Karryann (xoxo)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Religious Relics

The Beauty-The History & The Rich Sense of a look back in time. I Adore & am so Facinated with Religious Relic & Especially This time of year.

Relics of St. Cynillus Italian Romanesque

The Saints at Tabernacle

The Beautiful Aachen Cathedral in Germany

Orvieto Cathedral in Italy

St. Peters Cathedral in Vatican City

Just Breath Taking these all are, I think it is the History as well as the Beauty-the Detail that  Im in love with-On my list of To Do's..

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Trees..

I absolutely Love Christmas.
I love the Magic it brings, I love the Spirit, the Music, I love to hunt for the perfect gift, to bake and mostly LOVE to Decorate..
If I could I would have a tree as big as the one that sits in Rockefeller Center in New York.
All lit up they are just so Breath Taking & Majestic to me.

Every Year we Drive to Grass Valley to Hunt & Cut ours down and usually get one bigger than we should and end up cutting a bit off.
There are so many themes-styles to go with when decorating your tree-and now not just meant for the Family room.
But the Dining Room.

Another Perfect Spot is the Kitchen. 
Always Beautiful in the Family or Living room next to the Fireplace.

Change it up a bit and use topiary's instead to frame your Fireplace.

Bring in touches of pinks and whimsy.

Swag hung along the top of the Curtains is Lovely as well.

So Sweet is the Old Fashion Tinsel Trees with a touch of White near your Stairs..

Even in a modern setting, just a dab of Christmas with this all white wreath.

Darling is this Sparse Tree with just a bit of ornaments to welcome you in, in this entry way.

How Fun is this Room..

Why we have a Tree of some sort in every room-Just So I can decorate each tree in a differ style-theme..
Happy Holiday Decorating..