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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Find!

Goodness Gracious , I have  missed blogging about my projects, finds, & How To's, and Especially Visiting all of my Favorite Blogs.
Being a Shoppe Keeper & Volunteering for My big Crab Feed & Finishing up the remodel of the expansion has done me in, and hosting the (making-building) of the Freshman Homecoming Float at our home is costing us some money in Coffee.

But today is Historic Folsom's Big Antique Fair down Sutter St,
Where thousands come to shop, sell, get ideas, as my shoppe still isn't ready, I had to make do with what I have ready and Pray they'll come back as I'm filling the shoppe, with my fabulous finds, re-upholstered darlings and all of my home made pieces.
BUT I thought I would share what found me at the Antique Fair,
Not that I need more, but Had to go look..
This Sweet Vintage Dress Form, I don't care how dirty, or ragged it is, I love it all the same. It will work great for my bags or aprons i make..

And this  Little Gem (an Old Fashion) gumball machine, I bought it because I love the stand. I'm sure Ill paint it some shade of pink, and maybe add some gumballs for the kiddies when they come in-Right now it is full of buttons, and i bet there are some good ones in the mix.
And Lastly this cutie little doll, Looks Old , probably not, but I don't care, I just love the way she looks, Ill probably use her for displays, I never buy because of the value of what it could be worth, Only if I like, and I like her.
With Crab Feed Over-Antique Fair pass-Hopefully I can get on track with my blogging (that i miss oh so much)..


  1. Great the vintage look lollie machine, cheers katherine

  2. Thats exactly how I feel too, I only buy things that I find pretty, not because it might be of some value. The doll is pretty, I would have bought her too just because of that darling look!

    Love your blog and the work you do!

    Hugs Helle