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Sunday, May 1, 2011

If a Painting Could Talk?

If a Painting Could Talk?
A week ago, while out shopping with my family, I spotted this lil treasure of a painting in a local shoppe-
I knew I wanted it-but didn't need it..
Trouble with having a shoppe-the lines between shopping for  shoppe (re-sale) and shopping for home get crossed  way too often..

BUT I Oh So Loved it- I was even brave and asked for a better price- But still knew I shouldn't be buying for home, and a bit too pricey for shoppe,not that I would let it go there- so I slowly walked outside, and Apparently talked about it all the way home-and days after.

Friday Night as I was working on an upholstery piece for shoppe and wrapped in the history & magical beauty of watching the Royal Wedding..
I never even noticed my Husband sneak the Chippy Old Painting in our Laundry room.
And in my effort to multi task-putting away his boots on my way back from sewing some welting, I just about fell over-when he was sitting on our washing machine waiting for me to notice..

Isn't this the most amazing Chippy Painting Ever,
Where did this old painting sit-how did it get so chippy-who painted it-who is it- I JUST LOVE IT!!!
Yes, I do have the BEST Husband ever...


  1. yes, it is a great painting! I find that if I am still thinking about a possible treasure the next day, I'd better go back and get it...glad that you had an accomplice that knows you so well!
    enjoy it!
    amy of four corners design

  2. The painting is really lovely and how sweet of your hubby to secretly buy it for you!!!

  3. Love the patina of the painting. Congrats on your treasure.

  4. Oh my, that painting is wonderful! I just came across your blog and everything is absolutely lovely! I am a new follower. I invite you to visit my blog.