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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Romantic ClawFoot Tub

                      After Months of searching for an original Claw Foot Tub, My dream came true..  With a Lil stipulation of having to  dig her out of a debris pile full of muddy water-twigs-brush-Lil creatures, I finally saw her buried away-As we rescued her out, My Love grew.
How Charming she is.
We Rented a Heavy Duty Power Washer-Used a Belt Sander and scrubbed as much as we could-
Then Sprayed her a new Clean Coat of Pure White.

Now all Clean-Beautiful and in Her Glory-
Resting in the front window of the shoppe for Display for all to admire, Filled with shades of Green Hydrangeas, Original Feet, Darling Wood Framed Tray-Apothecary Jars filled with french milled soaps, A Chippy Ladder to hold the towels, Vintage Crystal Chandelier to finish off this Romantic Bathroom..
The Tub says it All.


  1. loovely idea, can you take a pic from inside the shop so we can see her for all her asaid attributes? i would love to have a better view with all her lovelies tucked in her.

  2. Ahhh! .... Calgon take me away!

    I'm coveting a big claw footed tub myself. I spotted on at the Flea Market a few months back...but didn't purchase, kicking myself now. It was only $100. and needed very little work.

    I bet this one sells--- it is for sale right? or only display?


  3. What a great transformation. If only it could speak...


  4. She cleaned up great! I love it in your front store window, what a great idea:)

  5. thanks !love your tub ! i have those feet but not the tub those are the best of all the feet they made i think

  6. Beautiful job, and looks great as part of your inspiration.

  7. Just a little FYI...I've presented you with the Sunshine Award as a thank you for inspiring me as a new blogger!

  8. She is just beautiful! I am so glad you showed the before - I wouldn't have believed it!


  9. I love her! She looks grateful that you dug her out and gave her new life! Should sell immediately!