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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Royalty Influence

For me Furniture is Art & History..
The Amount of detail put into each piece-
& how Royalty influenced Furniture.

The History Behind the Style- where it originates from & whom sat in or could of sat in it
The stories it could tell.
The Queen Anne Chair was designed during the reign of Anne, the Queen of Britain 1702-1714.

As seen in these Pottery Barn Replicas- the pieces are smaller-lighter-and more comfortable.
They have cabriole legs-cushions for the seat.

The Louis XVI chairs are one of my favorites,
they are derived from Louis XVI reign in the monarchy from 1774- 1793
They are oval-rectangle or shield in form. The once cabriole legs were replaced with Straight Fluted Legs, that were imitating the columns of Ancient Rome.

Also one of my Favorites-the Louis V Arm Chair.
These Petite Chairs with ornate carving were inspired by the empowerment of the woman.
Women became more successful and that influence was noticed on the furniture.
Where more femininity-detailed pretty carving was added.

The French Influence on Furniture is Timeless.


  1. Fun post...I love chairs...the photo of one in each color made me smile!

  2. I Have been eyeing these chairs for awhile too :)