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Friday, January 13, 2012

Either You Love it or you Don't...

Either you Love it or you Don't.
The Chipped Door-with old lead based paint just falling off as you stare on..
The Thick detail & Carved Charchter of the Real Solid Old Door-
The Old Rusty-Beveled-Dingd & Damaged Door knobs with the Skeleton Key Entry-

Some Think it is ruined-garbage-junk-
BUT if You Love True One of Kind Pieces, then the more tattered-torn-worn & weathered the better.

Old Statuary Pieces-
Chipped-Stained & sometimes even leaning on one side-
All that much Better- The Imperfect Beauty...

If you Love anything Vintage-Antique-French-
You Appreciate the sculpture -
The Story Behind the Imperfection..

If You LOVE Rustic-You Marvel at the aged Copper-
The Barely there numbers of this Hanging old Scale...

If You Love the piece that has shown it's ware-
Shown someone has Loved it for quite some time-
You Love the Patina of orange rust on an Old Tin Pail more than anything...

If You Love what use to be-
You LOVE the aged old bannisters-
The apperance of what was once the owners style showing through-
The years of Color Change- The years of use...

If you Love Re-Purposing-
Using the Once Old Coca Cola Wood Crate for Something Entirely Different-
Embracing the Extremely Weathered Away Un-Even Wood-

If you Love History-
YOU absalutely Love the Story that may lie behind a Wonderful Statue-
Who chiseld away-Did someone pose for this-Who owned this-
The Wonder of What Was..

If you Love anything Old-and Appreciate someone from so long ago once used this-
You Love Pieces like this-
an Old Chippy Camera-leather falling off-bent at parts-

The idea of whose photo was taken with this-
Such mastique-

I Just LOVE these old broken-worn & weathered pieces that have such History-
To know there isn't another one like it-
To know it can't be made or manufactured-
To know it is a True One of Kind that peeks into History..
I Am One Who Just Loves It!!


  1. I loooove imperfections, patina, and history. I'm swooning over everthing here. We must be on the same wavelength today. I just did a post on a rusty piece.

  2. Great Post Karryanne! I love it. A piece like this, I call well loved. It has character that no new piece could ever DREAM of having. :) Terry

  3. Love it! I have an old similar camera that was my grandfathers. I even have several pictures I have taken with it, nice black and whites. But then my dog stepped on it and bent the canvas, darn dog, gotta love them ;)

  4. I am one who loves it too! Thanks for sharing these wonderful images! :)

  5. Oh yes, I too love the old imperfections and chippy nature! Oh the stories they could tell!!

  6. Yes! Love all of the above. thank you for the inspiration. :)

  7. What eye candy pics! Love, Love, Love...Thank you.