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Monday, June 11, 2012


The Clock, which is a Practical item  for a Home, is also a Wonderful Decorative Piece.
My Favorite is the Swedish Moro Clock-

Goodness, they are Gorgeous in the Dining Room or Nook

Just Beautiful in the Faded Colors & Tones.

In your Entry way, a Perfect way to share the Time & Invite your guest in.

Elegance for Sure.

True Swedish Moro Clocks can cost in the Thousands-but you can find Re-Production Clocks at a more affordable cost & they great with a Dual Purpose of Telling the Time & an Lovely Accent in your space.
(All of the sources for these Great Images on our Gracefully Vintage Pinterest (Clock Board)

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  1. So glad to happen upon your gorgeous blog!
    I've had my eyes peeled for one of these beauties for a while. Glad to know that repros are available, maybe my dream can come true!
    Happily following along,

  2. Wonderful photos! Clocks bring a kind of romance to a room I think.

    Have a *fancy* day! Jenna

  3. Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!