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Monday, March 14, 2011

Embelish with Hardware

There is so much art behind a piece of furniture.
The color of the piece- The detail in the carved edges- The style of the piece-The glass or edge work.

BUT one item that makes a huge difference in my eyes is the hardware.
I think it is one of the best ways to enhance a piece whether a dresser,cabinets, hutch or any piece Is to add hardware and better yet (vintage hardware).
Look at these amazing antique pulls, door handles or knobs.
The intense detail put into each piece.
The hinges- (yes even the hinges)
The keyholes, can make such an impact in a look as well.
Look at this amazing knob, the art behind the head the image.
-You can go to antique fairs or flea markets to find some of these special gems.
This is a lovely hutch but I think could sure use some pretty hardware to bring it alive.
However, this piece is just darling and oh has such beauty and I would have to say, the hardware has a play in it.
This pale shade of white is almost washed out, but the darker hardware brings some style to it.

The contrast was or is so amazing, the hardware just highlights this piece and shows off the beautiful color.
{I believe before you toss a piece or question painting a piece , add some hardware first, Im sure you'll be amazed}



  1. Great post! It is amazing what hardware can do. Love all the photos here. Point well made!

  2. I have lust in my heart for those hinges. We own an old house in a "transitional" area (we rent it out). It's a late 1800's victorian and has hinges like the Eastlake (?) style shown. Sadly, in today's market, the house is likely worth less these days than the sum of its parts. Such detail they used to put in every facet of furniture, homes, and life. Love your blog!

  3. Those images are just so amazing!! Keep up the good work!