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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Art of Cane in Chairs

This Love, Appreciation, & Admiration I carry for Old,Vintage,Antique French /English Furniture just takes my breath away.
I have always had a "problem" with chairs. I have at least 10 at any given moment.
But the ones I have most been drawn to lately  & can not bare to part with for shoppe are the ones made with cane.
Cane has been popular for many years, Known as French Caning, Each Chair done by hand and dating back over 100 years
The amount of work, The intricate hand work each piece takes, You can see why so many are so expensive and so rare.

Sadly some need some repair.
Requiring days of work- cutting-soaking the cane-weaving-clamping it-wetting it-gluing it-spraying it-drying- to then waiting a few days for it all to set.
You can see why many are just left in the state they are found.
(I still say beautiful)

These two, not only have amazing cane sides, but intricate carved detail and beautiful fluted legs.

Love these dining chairs, simple but pretty and just enough detail. 
Mixing the Cane back, with Darling Cabriole legs, carved ornate flowers and then soft white linen, True Treasure.
While this is more unique, having a cane back and seat, it shows it's age & True Style.

Mixing the dramatic Cane Style-Fluted Legs-stuffed mixed fabric &stuffed cushion, Is- oh so Lovely, This is one of my favorites, the more unique the better.

And oh the potential these gems have, these are at auction in England.. The color -the seats-the backs
( Just Wonderful & so Charming)

The Beauty of Art in Furniture, is What I dream of at night what I wake up thinking about, and what i hope to work on in the day.


  1. This is the second post on cane chairs today on my Dashboard! In a row even!
    I love the ethereal yet sturdy nature of cane.
    There is a catalog in the states called "Van Dykes Restorers". They sell cane by the inch! They also have so many stunning parts for furniture. Check them out when you have a chance!


  2. You do such beautiful work! I love seeing what you have been up to!


  3. So pretty, great work with the cane chairs! Perfect for graceful vintage.

  4. Great work!!! Those chairs are perfection!

  5. I'm getting ready to do a post on how to replace the caning. Most damaged caning can be fixed and it's easier than you'd think, as long as it's not not hand woven.

  6. The chairs really look fabulous, its a great piece of art, the edges, the carvings specially the kneaded work its so fine...

  7. Hi KarryAnn! What you did to those chairs is amazing! Beautiful!

  8. Love all of the French chairs! So pretty.
    ~ Julie

  9. Love them all but that last one with the big stuffed cushion is my favorite!! Martina