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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vintage Wedding Dress /Tablecloth

A Little Vintage Wedding Dress..
In all that ruffle-tulle-lace-satin, I knew I could re-use this Old Vintage Wedding Dress that was offered to me before it was going to meet it's fate in the garbage can for something.
A tablecloth would be Perfect.

Laid it out on a card table-to get a pattern-
Cut off top portion of dress-
Tacked a thin muslin fabric to the surrounding top-edges.

After sewing it-Flipped it back over and here you go,
A Vintage Wedding Dress Table Skirt/Cloth..
I added the burlap runner to the top, to add a little rustic character

Im sure whom ever this belonged to, would be pleased to know the Beauty of the Dress lives on.


  1. I found a gorgeous wedding dress at a yard sale for $5.00, still in the box. I cannot bring myself to cut it! LOL!
    After seeing your ruffled tablecloth, I might just get the courage.

    It's beautiful.


  2. I love the burlap on the top, it really gives the lace have a rustic vibe. I think this is an amazing idea!!

  3. I love this!! So pretty and what a great way to let the dress "live on"!


  4. That looks so cool, are you going to sell it? I think you should hang onto it and use it for your displays! It is sure to draw attention! Very nice~ oxox, Diane

  5. What a lovely idea, I always knew all that lace and fluff on old wedding dresses would be useful. There is just so much satin and beading on some that would make some gorgeous pillows, curtain trim, etc. Thanks for being so inspirational!

  6. What a really neat idea!

  7. wow!! great idea!

  8. Simply beautiful! Love the burlap and the layering - so many textures and so fun! I could see this for the cake table at a vintage wedding!! Great post!!:)

  9. ...what a smart and beautiful idea!