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Friday, October 14, 2011

Beauty of Imperfection!!

Beauty of Imperfection!
The more worn-The more chippy-The more weathered, The More I'm in Love!!
This Lovely Old Antique Bakers Table from the 1800's is Just Beautiful with it's chippy worn paint-weathered wood-several touches of paint and original hardware.
Just is amazing.

How Wonderful is this Very Old Vintage Dress Form,
Once forgotten now Found..
Perfect for Jewelry-Display or as an Accent in a room..
Just Adore her..

Totally in Love with this French Milk Can & it's original blue paint and Perfect Patina...

These Lil old Bottles in shades of blue-touches of dirt-stain and a bit of history, makes them all the more special..

Precious Old Antique Rounded Front Sideboard/Buffet.
The imperfect color-the slight hint of age and the thought of the history that lies behind it..

What makes this Vintage Scale so Sweet is the
worn off color-stained front and beauty of the time worn patina.

How Darling is this Old Cabinet, Hand Made-Several shades of Paint peeking through and Just Perfect for our Vintage Religious Necklaces to showcase through the old window..

Some shine their Silver, but I LOVE the tarnished look..

All of these items are at the shoppe and All are Loved for their Imperfect Beauty!!!


  1. Very neat write up, those are some unique pieces with the patina on them.

  2. These pieces are wonderful! I love the first photo of the bakers table!

  3. I could not agree more! Beautiful stunning imperfections!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I will surely be back to visit again. Stunning!

  4. Very unique! Love the worn, chippy look! I'd say these items will not stay at the shop for very long!