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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Simple Halloween!

Touch of Halloween!
As orange & black are not my favorite colors, I tried to find a way to make our home show signs of Halloween & Fall.

Bringing in a Custom Made Burlap Shade, Greenery with the trees, Fun Black Feather Wreath, White Pumpkin, and old Urn with some black birds and lastly a rustic face clock.
(much of this sold at the shoppe)

Then the Shelf in the kitchen, I simply added a small pumpkin on top of the old antique scale.

Then near my sink, where i have fresh ivory roses, there is a real pumpkin and a few faux.
On the Mantel I added some green moss balls in the Antique chippy cherub urns and small faux pumpkins as well.

And last next to my old luggage there are a few pumpkins just to tie it all together.
Happy Halloween Decorating!!


  1. So pretty! I love how subtle and elegant you made Halloween.

  2. I like it! I've decided to put the orange pumpkins on the front porch this year since I'm not too fond of orange either.

  3. I love it! I loved how you layered your mirrors!

  4. That all looks so pretty! I love
    how you added little touches of fall ~

  5. If you're not big on orange and black...I like using white pumpkins to stick to bring in some fall spirit but stay neutral :-)