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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Trees..

I absolutely Love Christmas.
I love the Magic it brings, I love the Spirit, the Music, I love to hunt for the perfect gift, to bake and mostly LOVE to Decorate..
If I could I would have a tree as big as the one that sits in Rockefeller Center in New York.
All lit up they are just so Breath Taking & Majestic to me.

Every Year we Drive to Grass Valley to Hunt & Cut ours down and usually get one bigger than we should and end up cutting a bit off.
There are so many themes-styles to go with when decorating your tree-and now not just meant for the Family room.
But the Dining Room.

Another Perfect Spot is the Kitchen. 
Always Beautiful in the Family or Living room next to the Fireplace.

Change it up a bit and use topiary's instead to frame your Fireplace.

Bring in touches of pinks and whimsy.

Swag hung along the top of the Curtains is Lovely as well.

So Sweet is the Old Fashion Tinsel Trees with a touch of White near your Stairs..

Even in a modern setting, just a dab of Christmas with this all white wreath.

Darling is this Sparse Tree with just a bit of ornaments to welcome you in, in this entry way.

How Fun is this Room..

Why we have a Tree of some sort in every room-Just So I can decorate each tree in a differ style-theme..
Happy Holiday Decorating..


  1. Loving all the Christmas trees! I too love decorating for Christmas... Then again I pretty much love decorating all the time :)

    Great blog... Come check mine out if you have a chance.


  2. Me too and this year I'm into vintage even more than the past few years. I'm loving the plastic lawn ornaments from the 60's! It's fun looking for them. I found a santa and a snowman today.

  3. I LOVE Christmas trees too... BUT it is such a letdown when they are removed and there is such a void... le sigh!

  4. I love the magic of Christmas, too! The decor makes the home feel so warm and cozy. The twinkling lights, the aromas, the good cheer, I love it all. Thanks for the inspirational post.

  5. Lovely photos!! I would love to visit NYC this time of the year....I know it all just looks amazing!