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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spruce up Your Wreath..

This Lil Wreath is from Michael's-
Cute-But a lil Plain-Small.
Went out in to our Front Yard- Cut some branches off our tree & as well as some from our Christmas Tree -So there was a variety of textures-

Clipped these ones off some bushes in our Yard as well

Bought this Artificial Bunch of Bright Greenery.

Clipped the pieces to smaller sizes-and just pieced together in the wreath- added more where needed- to give it an even look-going around and using the Branch's of the wreath that are made of wire-to some what hold together as well.

Adding the misc styles-shades-textures of greenery mixing real and artificial gives it a more realistic look and brings the smell of the tree inside as well.
I added a small simple ribbon to hang from my Hutch.

Small-Easy-Affordable way to bring Christmas to every room.


  1. Nice and simple. I don't have a christmas tree in my yard since I live in the tropics, but the inspiration is nice. :)

  2. I love a mixed green wreath and am fortunate to have boxwood and magnolia in my yard. A friend who belongs to a garden club just gave me this hint: soak the wreath in water for a while, dry thoroughly, spray with some liquid Future (for floors), then dry thoroughly again before decorating and hanging. It is supposed to make the wreath look fresher and last longer. I am going to try her suggestions this year. Your ribbon choice is very pretty too. Simple but elegant.

  3. You added so much more character to these wreaths.

  4. So pretty ~ and such a great idea to mix real greenery with the artificial!