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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Many Projects

Thank you so Much for the nice comments on my "little" sign, Much Appreciated..
Here are some of the items i recently have worked on,first the lamp- i have had for over a year,so i painted it white, distressed it and then while putting the light in it I accidently broke the shade so i had to use one I found in garage, but it was plain-so Had to Add some Fur, then the window bench, or at least that is what i turned it into. Painting it heirloom white, distressing it, and adding a long pink toile cushion,and a few accent pillows of different sizes with burlap-chenille backs- i thought it would be cute in a little girls room. Going with my love of pink, For the 3rd time i "think" changed out the fabric on this Antique little mini rocker- How cute would that be as a decoration piece in a nursery. Remember the Gun Hutch, well I painted it, distressed it, and had my husband add some shelves to make it a display type cabinet- really i thought it would be perfect for crafts-fabrics, I love seeing those of you with pretty craft, sewing rooms and lovely storage.
And the last one a cute little Vintage arm chair i found at an Estate sale and touched it up and upholstered it in a deep burlap- Very Neutral for anyone's room, just add that accent pillow to bring in your own color and style..Just an example of how my mind works, i can't just work on one project- i go back and forth between many. Working on a dog bed, some vintage side chairs, and an odd half circle vintage type chair (that i can't decide what fabric to go with) so it just sits here next to me, oh yeah and tyring to think of something unique to give my daughters teacher for (teachers appreciation week) hmmm ??


  1. Hi there, wow, great projects! Looks like we are kindred spirits in the things we that we love to spend our time doing :) Lucky you having a shop, that is my dream...maybe one day when my kids are older and I can put more time into it. xx Karen

  2. Good Morning Friend! So glad we have crossed paths! Girl, I think we could seriously be BFF's if we lived closer together. I am loving your site and think your projects are wonderful! Hope your having a wonderful day! Can't wait to be along on your journey! xoxo

  3. I enjoyed seeing your projects. You are a very creative lady. I will be back to check out what you are working on. Cute sign too.
    I visit the Sacramento area often as I have family there. Will have to have my cousin take me to visit Historic Fosom.

  4. Stopping by to say all of your pretties..the wing back makeover was divine!!!

    Hope everything is going well in your store. I hope to visit it in the near future.

    I have a lot going on right now so my blog is put on hold for a little while longer :)

  5. Love your blog.....So glad to find it...Have 2 great giveaways that I am drawing for on Sunday night