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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Vintage Sofa, with New Style!

My little fixer upper mini vintage sofa,I just thought this little petite sofa was too cute, perfect delicate size and oh so vintage, the date inside was stamped 1981 just a bit out of date.
Always so hard to decide which fabrics, but i tend to go with my favorites the toile and because i could never have white in my home with 3 kids, husband and doggy, i choose white cotten seeing as it was going to the new shop and then painted the wood in a black and barely distressed it..
i still havnt figured the whole zipper thing out -or at least to where it looks good, so i made the seat cushions with ties- Yes removable-washable and you would never see the ties( bows) they are in back hidden by all the accent pillows..
And so perfect for $399 ( i think?)..


  1. So perfect! I just love everything you do. Want to move to AZ and go into business with us? ;)

  2. Karyann- Persnickety Chick here!
    So to borrow your words:
    Not exactly a comment on your blog though I (also) love it, but since I can't seem to get to you any other way:
    I actually posted another comment a ways back to and I did try to reach you at the number above (may be lunchtime in CA) but you can start with an email to me at and then we can discuss all the details involved in my creating an altered art portrait of your family. It would be my pleasure! Hope you get this message this time. Sorry for the delay.

  3. Hi Karyann,
    I am so glad that you came over. You are living my dream! I always wanted to open my own store, but for one reason or other, I never did.
    Congratulations on your beautiful store.

  4.'re good!! It looks great! I wish you the best of luck in your little shop. I have a hunch you will do very well.


  5. did an amazing job on this slip cover...I have been working on table runners all day and still not sure what I think of them. Love the ruffle you put on the bottom. Love your blog too!
    Happy day!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! What a "Cinderella" now!! great job- wish I lived closer I just might have to give her a "good home"!
    Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog! I'm delighted to have found yours now!
    Best wishes on your new venture!
    Many Blessings!

  7. It looks great and I love those toile cushions...beautiful

  8. I'm not sure what you meant when you let this comment on my blog:

    Ok love it, what a great boss, and great idea... we foget how much a cheap small gift can mean so much to the other person..

    Cheap and small...I believe was unnecessary.

  9. wowwww! it looks MAGNIFICENT! you did a wonderful job :)

  10. Hi. Just found your blog through A Tranquil Townhouse. I love that 'new' sofa of yours. The toile with the white is so fresh and charming. I'm posting about a white and toile chair later today. It's very different to yours though would love if you've got time to stop by and let me know your thoughts.
    The Painted Hive