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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crab Feed Almost Here!

I'm pretty sure Ive mentioned that as Events Coord. I plan-organize the Big Fundraiser for the Folsom Youth Football & Cheer (Folsom Jr. Bulldogs) where my girls cheer. The event is Friday Sept.10th, and as I'm busy tieing ribbon on favors for each place setting, packing table cloths-plates-silverware, and finishing up begging for donations to raffle off at the silent auction, I in usual form added one more thing to my list as I always do...
Wanting the Crab Feed to be Memorable-Classy,but Cute-Fun for the Adult only crowd and elegant but casual as well as OF Course Raise money for the funding of our Football Field, I am super picky about how things look..
In the past i bought throw away aprons- wanting all the kitchen volunteers-waiters to wear white aprons- looks nice ,and lets the guests know who is the help (lack of better word)..
But now those throw paper aprons are $2.99 each plus tax, and cant bare to make the organization pay that for 20 people.

So while at Sams Club, i saw these flour sacks for $11.50 for 12
Then I figured, the fastest, cheapest and most unique way would be to, fold over top with twine inside- double stitch it.

 I just made the twine extra long, so any size person could use it to tie around waste (making it adjustable)

I embroidered a little red crab on the same cloth, to add as a pocket .

Then I gave them a clean edge and sewed on the large flour towel
 Wanting these to be easy-fast to make i just tied double nots on either side of twine so that it would not slip through.
Here is some examples of the finished apron..
They are nothing fancy, simple, thin, cheap but hopefully add my touch to the Crab Feed & designate who the workers are.
And only $1.75 total cost for each one, and possibly i could wash & use some again next year.
4 done 11 more to make.


  1. those are too cute and clever

  2. Nothing fancy?!?1? You embroidered a crab on them. I call that fancy. I'm thinkin' you have one of those embroidery sewing machine. Me, I would have to do them all by hand, 'cause I just got a simple machine. But, if you can reuse them, it's worth the effort. Great job.

  3. Very cute and creative...good job!

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  4. Way to go Girl! They look great, and the embroidered crab to boot?! Really makes the theme come to life in the details. You are so smart and creative!


  5. What a great creative idea, love the pop of red crab, it says it all! They remind me of the aprons French waiters wear, excellent job.

  6. I think they are terrific. The crab gives them that extra kick! Well done. hugs♥olive

  7. Crab feeds are so much fun, and your outfit is perfect and practicable.

    xo M

  8. Great idea! Simple, but it makes a statement with the embroidered crab.

  9. Those are darling!
    Simple and stylish. :-)

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  11. Just found your blog and became a follower...

    Love the apron, very chic!! You are a very talented person, love all the chairs you've done!