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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Before Shots!!

As the big move up the street to the new location is quickly approaching, I wanted to share some Before Shots..

The 1400 sq.ft shop, has cement floors (which i love) giving a rustic-industrial feel.
If you really look, you can see rock in the back on the left, also a little outdated, hard to tell but there is a big opening surrounded by rock, that looks into the rock cave area.

The left side has lattice on ceiling-with lighting that has to go.

The right side has the amazing paneled ceiling that i love, but out dated lighting that will have to be swapped out.
The Walls are a light beige color.

This is the view from inside looking towards front door- a little dark for me, there is also this formation of wood along ceiling,that we think was for a division of the 2 sides-as it was once a coffee shop,on one side and a retail shop on the other.
You can see the 2 windows (yeah)..
Ill be able to look out the window, and see the people, the cars, the weather...
At the moment the shop is called (Sutter St. Boutique) So the stuff inside will be gone by next weekend.

    Here is another Picture of the front of the building (as you can see undergoing construction STILL) but the building will be painted beige-black, an awning will be built, sidewalks are suppose to be done Monday-Tuesday of this week, some old fashion light posts will be in the front-,with some trees and a bench.. 
AND THE BEST Part if I haven't said before- PARKING, right in front of shoppe, right next to and right across the street...
all of which i lost at my current location- they built ramps out front, and now cars can not park in front the building- customers have to park down the street or around the corner to walk up-making the furniture bus. not so good..


  1. Good Luck in your new "home"! I miss having my shop sometimes but am enjoying the freedom I now have with just renting a space at an antique mall! Best Wishes.

  2. Ver Very Cool, you are going to Create Magic and the public will come! Congratulations. Hugs, Diane

  3. It looks like things are coming along nicely!! Hooray for you!


  4. look like a fun time to create something new..have a great time...and can't wait to see what you do....Kelly

  5. Thank you for your always lovely comments on my blog! Good luck in your new space! You are living my dream and I'm just so jealous! =)


  6. How exciting! Good luck in this new wonderful place!

  7. It looks wonderful. I wish you success beyond your wildest dreams!

  8. Hey Karryanne! Im your newest follower! I LOVE your blog! I wish i could get thru the computer screen and grab some things! I have an Interior Design biz and doing 14 days of xmas trees and would BEYOND ADORE YOU to visit! I have a Giveaway..

    *ENTER CUSTOM FLORAL Give-Away Here *


  9. The place is very wonderful....♥ wish you more success in all the things you plan. Have a nice day.☺☻