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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Proud Mom!

A Mother's Prideful Moment!

My sweet 12 year old daughter decided she wanted to make her own tote bag, and while I just couldn't show her, or walk her through it, She was determined to do it anyway.

After telling her to wait till I get home from the shoppe
(many times), I finally gave up and said go for it & please don't sew your finger or brake my sewing machine.

When I got home from work, she proudly showed me her Pinned Striped Tote bag she made (ALL)by herself..
Measuring-Cutting the fabric, threading the machine, winding the bobbin and EVEN lining her bag with a soft linen, and making her own strap.. 

Her first attempt at sewing with a sewing machine, Just Amazing, and without anyone to show her what to do,
 Im so Very Proud of her..

So Proud I am!!
I might have to put her to work


  1. She did a better job than I would! How adorable that she is following in your footsteps!


  2. I am in awe! You never taught her one thing about sewing? Her bag just may become very popular in her crowed and she will be selling them!! Great job!


  3. There's a girl after my own heart. I was a self taught sewer myself.

  4. What a smart cookie! I looks great and she should be proud too!

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  6. you go girl!!! no stopping you now. good job!!!

  7. You have every right to be super proud! What a gorgeous and talented girl - just like her Mum :)

    xx Karen

  8. It is so perfect! Talent births talent :) I love when our youth jump in and go for it! Hooray for your sweet daughter and you, too mom!
    Hope you have a wonderful week~

  9. yahooo!!! i love your new shop!! i am going to be in town this week and want to come there, so will you be at the new are old store? text me if you can at 8018094293 or i will email again!!! love you!!!