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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hallelujah, Front Windows!!!


Finally Front Windows to decorate..
And just in time for my Most Favorite Holiday, & Why i think God put me on Earth
(To share-spread Holiday Cheer)..
I so so Love Christmas!!

The front windows of all the little shoppes on the Street are getting judged on their Holiday Window Displays,
while designing it, I wanted a window display that would make you want to come in.

I wanted to make sure the Window was different from the others.  Vintage, Classic, & Reminded you of Christmas.
(true to the nature of  shoppe & what is offered & in line with my style)

The 2nd Window, I was inspired by a window I spotted on a blog
(sadly can not remember, to share with you)
But using dress forms and hand made hanging card stock that spells out (Joy), hand Made gold fancy Hostess Aprons, a Vintage wrapping paper holder ,ribbon- paper with hand made glittered stars in window, with a vintage glass window frame in the back, the opposite side (inside) is shared with Woof-Poof collector stuffed animals, and added the (snow) for an added winter touch.
(I will make a cover for the far right dress form, that is not as modest at the others)

Here a few more pictures of the inside,and some vignettes.

As you can see my Love for Vintage, goes on and on, with the many pieces I have in the shoppe.

Using Vintage Drop Leaf Tables for display (always for sale as well),
Old Windows, Mirrors.

At this new Front Location, I am blessed to share this amazing space with a good friend who offers Stella & Dot vintage inspired jewelry

You can see, I brought with me my Wood fencing from my old shoppe, we took a lot down, and put up more here, one of my favorite design details, adding a texture,and different element to shoppe.

Many of you might remember my Plea for Help with my old ceiling(funky ceiling tiles-that i wasn't allowed to take down)
Please admire my new Ceiling , Fabulous Wood Planks (That I Adore)
We took out the trellis, and i hand painted the (whole) ceiling, giving it a white washed look, & added several chandeliers.

The Shoppe also offers a variety of new soaps-candles
(just in time for Christmas)..

Thanks for letting my share My Love, It is like waking up on Christmas morning (everyday i get to go to work)..
I loved my old shoppe, but I Adore my new place, high wood ceilings, Front windows, Parking right in front, my own bathroom-kitchen-storage area- LOVE IT!!!
xoxo Karryann


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!! So happy for you! I know the feeling of getting a new place and getting to design it from scratch! I will stop by soon and pick up a few things for my new photo studio! thanks for sharing! So glad your happy with everything!

  2. Oh Karryann, I completely LOVE your window displays!! Just absolutely beautiful!! Oh I would love to have a store front with delightful windows and spaces to decorate!!! Lucky you!!! :)

  3. Very pretty! I hope you entice a lot of customers to come in.

  4. Love the windows, great job....I think you will get a lot of people coming in wondering about your shop.

  5. Missin accomplished - I immediately wanted to come in! It's fabulous - well done!


  6. The new store and windows are fabulous! So glad you got to move to such a lovey space. Your displays are wonderful too. I want to come visit your store!

  7. Love isn't a big enough word. IT is PERFECT! Absolutely gorgeous. Can I buy that kitchen scale pictured? Do you ship? I'm starting a collection, and I have a twin to that one. I SO wish I could come visit the shop.

  8. I like the first one. I like the interior of the store. A good place to discover all kinds of vintage products. Well done!

  9. I love your shop! Beautiful job on the windows. It really does make me want ot go in.

  10. It's just so Perfect!!!! Your hard work has really paid off :)
    deb :)

  11. Hi Karryann...

    It's so good to see your beautiful things! I have missed you. It's so good to be back blogging!


  12. Thanks for shring your window front with us....if I could only come inside. What a beautiful place you have there. If I were the judge...1st place for you..hands down my friend!

  13. Beautiful window displays! Everything in your shop looks gorgeous! I'd love to be able to shop there!

  14. I have GOT to come visit you!! What a darling place you've created!! LOVE your window display~you have done a fabulous job!

  15. Your shop looks amazing! Love the way you decorated the windows.

  16. You have a very lovely shop. Glad I found you! This is so me!!! Please stop by to say hello and visit me at Would love to see you there!