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Monday, December 20, 2010

Hostess Aprons

So with the Holidays Here, I guess you can tell I have been working on the Hostess Aprons..
This little Child's 1/2 Ruffle apron is just to cute..
This one is a little more calm & settle with a light brown rosette Overlay.

Fun with a Semi Retro look, with the bright blues and Floral with a Long Bow to the side.

Darling Tiffany Blue with Brown Polka Dots and sweet trim.

Of Course the Over the top Fancy Hostess Style.

This is the same style and fabric as the first one, but an adult version.

Sassy with the animal print.

and one of my fav's the Toile with fun fur, such a great gift for the cook, who has everything.

I just love the aprons, they are fun to make, fun to customize and see what you can come up with .


  1. Oh my goodness these are all absolutely adorable! I want at least one of each!! :)


  2. Lovely aprons..the one with the fun fur and Toile fabric is so fun! The animal print is really up my alley though!

  3. Ha! for the cook who has everything.
    that had me laughing just thinking about the conversation upon opening this gift..."Oh thanks! now I really do have it all!"

    I love your aprons. I think they are making a come-back. I have some that I wore when my kids were little, and had people actually laugh when they'd come to the door, because I wore an apron!
    We can't all be June Cleaver.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Glad you're a new follower on my blog...are you 'Caz' who joined yesterday...I couldn't find a contact to thank you...if you are? Nice site..even if you aren't 'Caz'. LOL.