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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Picture Perfect!

Every Year we Drive up to the Hills to cut our Christmas Tree down.
This year we choose Placerville, Ca.
The Best thing about Northern California is 2 hours you can drive to the Ocean, 1 hour to the snow or stay in Sacramento and enjoy the sunshine and brisk air.

This was the beautiful drive up hwy 50 with autumn leaves lining the road, sun shining down.

Then slowly the road became wet

 And to our Delight, we started to see snow, We have never cut a tree down in the snow.

 A sweet moment, our 15 1/2 yr old son, making a a snow angel
(I'm sure he would love me showing this)

The Girls attempting to do the same.

Then we decided to take some pictures- But with no-one anywhere near us- We had the kids take turns on taking pictures with (mom-dad,giving each an opportunity to have a photo with them only and us.

Now if we could just get the teenager to Smile Normal..
(he'll regret not smiling one day)
Next our daughter.

Then the little one

Hiking up the hill with the fresh tree.

When we went to pay, we realized we could of asked a worker to take our family picture.
(and i think a smile from our boy)

And one of me & my husband..
While I was paying for tree, the family decided it would be best to put TREE inside the car, verses the roof??
A week later and still finding tree bristles everywhere, small spiders, dirt particles.
(But I guess a great reminder of a Picture Perfect Day)


  1. What wonderful memories for you and your children. I am glad you were given the gift of snow. I live in the East where we are greatly disapointed if there is no snow for Christmas so I am glad the site of it made you happy. I loved seeing the teenager make the snow angel.

  2. Placerville is my home town, and I loved this post.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Karryann! Thanks so much for coming by my blog. I love all the upholstery work you do. I scored a great deal on a HUGE setee (that's tufted of course!) and it's sitting in storage until I have to courage to take it on. I'll have to come back and get some advice from you for sure! I look forward to following.
    Anyway, I love this post with your family. I don't have teenagers yet but nieces and nephews that are and I know what you mean about the "smiling" ha-ha! Regardless, you have a beautiful family and are very blessed!
    Have a Merry CHRISTmas and New Year full of family blessings,