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Monday, December 6, 2010

Decorating !

While I am finishing up re-upholstering this Most Exquisite Vintage Settee for a Customer, I wanted to share what I just Love so Much...

The Mixing of pieces, Taking this Beautiful Vintage Piece that is a little tattered & worn, all of which I believe makes it all the more amazing,
And pairing it with this Romantic Gold & Crystal Italian Chandelier.

Within Every room you are decorating having a statement piece & making it a piece you adore and just can't get enough of.

While there is always a grand piece there should always be mirrors as well, however you display them is find, But a Mirror is inviting & reflects the other beauty in the room.

I truly believe you can't go wrong with Black, Black is classic, this beautiful Black Distressed Vintage China hutch-in which ill do a posting on later, is a grand piece for any room.
Displaying china, portraits, silver or even your linens.

White will never go out, as it is as antique and lovely as ever, all shades of white give off a settle but sweet charm, this piece shown has crystal hardware giving that innocent but Darling Touch it needs to tie a room together.

I always suggest find the piece you love, and have someone upholster it to your liking, no piece is garbage, and better to save heirlooms than toss.
A vintage wing back I upholstered in a very soft velour in a pale pink giving it a Sweet look.

All pieces are available at shoppe.


  1. The settee will be gorgeous. What beautiful lines it has. You are very talented:)

  2. What a gorgeous settee!
    Everything is lovely-

    White Spray Paint

  3. So many great finds! off to check out your shop!!! :)