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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Endless Possibilites

Over the Years my love for rustic architecture has grown tremendously.
What you can build or make out of nothing.
What you can design from scraps.
How nothing can become something.
For my shoppe, I had used old thin wood-painted it loosely and nailed on the wall, to give a textured differ. look..
(as you can see in my background for all my shoppe pics)

How amazing that same wood could possibly turn into a dramatic fence like this one.

Used to build a rustic barn.

Build an island or potting bench.
A darling cabinet

The idea of taking a piece that is meant for one use-and completely altering so it can be used for something else.
Is just my favorite..
This beautiful sink.

Taking a sweet buffet-cutting out center adding a sink, and now having a beautiful unique (one of kind) vanity for your bathroom-or possible kitchen.

When your willing to take the risk, your possibilities are endless. 
I truly believe you can not ruin a piece of furniture-
If you don't succeed at first-try again-or turn into something else.

Antique Corbels are just stunning to me, the history-the detail work, the design-all so breath taking.

Knowing the craftsmanship behind each one.

 Beautiful is the imperfect nature, the dings, the scratches the chippy paint.

How lovely they are just resting on a side table, holding a shelf up or used to build a custom fireplace.

We have several styles-sizes at shoppe , & sadly are pleased when they do not sell.

Embrace the Beauty of imperfection & Proudly toot your horn at giving a piece a new use and welcome the new possibilities with each piece.


  1. Beautiful post! I too love mixing the old and the new - brings so much character into a home & garden! xoxo, tracie

  2. I have always been a 'repurposer'. I love that it is becoming more common. Back in 1970 when my parents bought the house that I grew up in my father got some wonderful old and weathered barn wood and built a bar in our '70's 'rec room'. It stood the test of time and still looks awesome today.

  3. Love old wood and from our barn renovation we have plenty of it. My husband just started making me some pedestals for our dining room yesterday so we'll have a piece of our history in our home.