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Monday, April 4, 2011

Alameda or Bust!!

                              As we drove down the California Coast on our way to Alameda (Antiques by the Bay) took some beautiful shots of the Bay in my anticipation & excitement.

A Perfect place to shop for the shoppe & Me...

Amazing weather, Breathtaking View of the Bay Bridge.

Saw many familiar Vendors (Marilyn)

Her space is always lovely..
& I have to share-Saw these set of 6 chairs there for $700.

Just sold very similar set of Vintage Cane Chairs in the shoppe.

Beautiful Grain Sack Pillows...

There was lots of this and that's, You could stare for hours, and miss something.

Lots of Industrial pieces-which i love...

Met a sweet lady Georgia, who hand makes all of these signs.
Too Cute..

One of my Favorites, The Upholstered Pieces..

Of Course one of the Great Ones "Big Daddy"..

Slip Covered Pieces..

Tons of Hardware, Crystal Knobs-handles-latches and more...

Perfect shades of green furniture

Me & my daughter who was Amazing.
Her & my husband, were so sweet to not only wake up at 5am but to walk with my treasures, and push the cart as I ran ahead searching for more gems..

A little peak at some of my favorite finds..

More Industrial-Metal pieces

So many Unique off the wall finds,

One more of my fav. spots to stop at I love all the unique pieces and love the color of the linen.

More amazing furniture,

Tons of rackets,

Odds & Ends,

Great Views for the ride home..

There was just so much to see, I wish I had a bigger vehicle, and wish I was able to share more of my finds with the shoppe.


  1. Beautiful pictures I love the orange industrial office chair mixed with the french pieces!! Looks like you had a lovely day the coast is so beautiful. I will be visiting my daughter in July and cannot wait to hit some of the coast antique shops!

  2. I am going to have to go one of these days . . . I just hate driving, let alone to the Bay Area but I guess that early in the morning the traffic wouldn't be bad . . . maybe I can stay over at my sister's . . .

  3. What a fun and rewarding trip! Beautiful scenery too.

  4. Oh my gosh! What amazing finds!!! Looks like so much fun! I have enjoyed reading your blog!


  5. Thanks for posting all the pictures - I felt like I was there! I wanted to go this past weekend but life had other plans! Can't wait to see what you do with that orange chair!

  6. Oh have visit a TREASURE store.I wish a was there... soo many beautiful things..

  7. ah !!! i need those doorknobs !!! haha...i used what i had last year for a new project..and it sold well, now i cant seem to find any (at a good price) what a great market !(thanks for stopping by the blog)

  8. oh I wish there was a place like this near me in Sydney, Australia. I saw so many pieces in the photos that I could snap up straight away!
    Love your blog

    Em x

  9. Karryann, I am your newest follower, #500! Wow! Anyway thank you for your sweet comment. I think that I hear Folsom calling me. :) Your items look so nice and you do such a good job of reupholstering. It was nice to meet you Sunday and I hope that we can visit soon! This Sunday we will Downtown and next Sunday at the Roseville Spring Market in front of The Tettered House. Hope to see you at one of those, unless I make it to your shop first. Terry

  10. must have been in your glory! Wish I could have been there right along with you. Thanks for sharing all those's great to see the unique displays!
    Blessings and Hugs,

  11. I love your blog! Several years ago I made a trip & sold my ware at the Alameda Market... such a magical place.. northern California. Love the North. So glad we connected. xo Laura

    love those pillows who is she?

  12. The only bad thing about living in Norhtern Michigan is I don't live closer to flea markets like this! I would be like a kid in a candy store!

    ~Happy finding,

  13. I love your blog!! I live in Amador County and will have to go down & visit your shop soon. Maybe even to the the Alameda Fair one of these days. Thanks for all the pics.

  14. I live in Amador County and will have to get down to Folsom soon to see your shop. I love all the pics and your blog. I just started blogging a few days ago and am looking forward to adding pics & things.
    Shabbie Jammie Sister