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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vintage Trike!

For My 3oth Birthday my parents bought me this Darling bike. I had been looking for one for a while and wanted to be able to put my daughter in the back and ride her to school or pick her up.
Sadly the chain and frame was off a bit, so I couldnt use it.
Now that i have a shoppe, I thought i could use it as a display or decoration for front of shoppe.

So I painted her in a pretty pink, upholstered the seat in an animal print added a basket & some luggage.

As good as the luggage looks in it, a good friend of mine's little girls look even cuter in it.
What is better than two cuties in tu tu's and big sweet smiles.

& as darling as the girls are in it, how adorable is this, Big Brother giving the girls a ride in the basket..


  1. This is so darling! & what beautiful children!!!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable! I just love this and can see you strolling through the streets to the market.

    xo M

  3. I love what you did with the bike. It's so cute.


  4. The bike is adorable in the pink. I love the kids on it in their tutus. How cute the photos are!

  5. What a cute bike! Cool 30th birthday present...and I love the tutus.
    Alicia xx

  6. Super cute! Love the bike; makes a great photo prop if you don't sell it. Found you blog hopping. Love your stuff. Come visit when you have time. I'm just starting in the vintage & antique business.
    ~ Julie

  7. OM Gosh, are we on the same page or what? I recently purchased a 3 wheeler and love it! I want to post pics soon. Love your pink redo. I thought of doing the same, but opted for Frenchy black.

  8. Cute in pink! I considered painting mine pink, but opted for a vintage black look! Hope you're enjoying your "ride" as much as I'm enjoying mine! I don't have a little one to tow, but plenty of groceries to tote for our family of 6. Thanks for commenting!