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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sweet Shades of Style

Loving all that is Pink & Pretty, Shabby & Sweet

Darling & Cute I can Now offer a bit of all Styles -Colors-Design & Textures with a bigger Shoppe.

Not wanting to mush-crowd or clutter or combine Darker shades with Lighter or bedroom with dining or impose class & elegant on charming & rustic.

There is just about enough room to have a Shabby white's & pinks for the little girl in us with vinettes of a writing area, or a bedroom scene or fancy dining area.

And as much as I love the shabby chic (Rachel Ashwell) whites,golds,pinks I also Adore the Classy touch Black brings to a room

The French Feel that a Bold Color with fancy turned legs gives.

So now the shoppe has an Elegant (Ballard Design) style(in which i love) a Sweet Pink & Shades of Blue area, & the calmer more muted whites, greys, golds for the Rustic touch.

And all set up to give the customer an idea of how and what you can use each piece for, Hopefully Giving & Bringing Inspiration to each person who visits.


  1. I love every single piece you have shown today. Gorgeous. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Oh karryann (adorable name, btw)! I am so happy you introduced your darling blog to me. This vintage loveliness is my cup of tea. Such pretty things. Thanks so much for your sweet words about my blog. Happy to be following you, too!


  3. Nice stopping by. Inspired me today. Thanks.


  4. Pretty, from white and pink to dark and black, very nice arrangement in your shop!

  5. the vintage collection is good, very good i should say, i really like the hutch, the dresser and the old chair, these things will never go out of fashion or become outdated, very functional and good for storage too

  6. shabby chic with a vintage touch..loving it all..

  7. Hi KarryAnn, just stopping by and looking around. Love what I see. Looks like a fun many pretty things.

  8. Oh I love, love, love the little white bed! Everything is gorgeous, you certainly do have an eye for beauty!!!

  9. Hello Karryann!
    I love all your painted furniture! I'm a vintage loving' furniture painting geek too! I adore all of your pieces and I love how you create vinette's go help your shoppers visualize your lovely pieces in their homes. I've located a sweet spot of my own in our local downtown Antique Mall. I'm planning a " grand opening" for spring 2011! What advice to you have for someone just starting out... I'll be featuring timeworn and hand made items together! Pop over and check out some of my " painted ladies" sometime!
    much booth success to you!

  10. the black rocker looks identical (except for the color) to one I had as a child! My mom had it refinished and gave it to my son as his first birthday gift (he is now 16). It was nice to see that photo as well as the others.

  11. Hi! Karryann!

    Its been two months scenes the last time I open my blog and post something on on it. just looking around my dashboard and I see your post. I rely like it specially the pink furniture's very elegant.I hope that my room well be full of pink furniture's I love pink. God bless..♫

  12. I have that pink stripped box - I love it!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and becoming a follower. I really appreciate it.