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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Have to Admit!

Have to Admit!!

As I mumble or grumble at the 4 day a week practices between two girls at different times, The morning & afternoon games on Saturday,
The expensive nature of the sport,
The strict rules & Guidelines
&  Long, Loud Competitions.

I have to Admit seeing the Commradity, the Sister Hood, the Bonding
as they cross the field or stage to begin the Routine they have practiced for Months

I can feel the tear come down my face with proudness & gratitude to the Coach's & Instructors who give so much of their time & patience to these girls

Teaching them to stand and honor the National Anthem

To respect and appreciate each other

To Smile & Be Proud of your Home Town & the Boys your Cheering for.

As well as showing the girls how to have fun & Love who they are with or with out a First Place Trophy..
So I Have to Admit I'm Grateful and Thankful to all Our Coach's for what they give my little ones, Such Memories..
Good Luck to my girls at Competition down at UOP tomorrow!


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  1. As a former cheerleader, squad captain and coach from New York- I can't begin to tell you the difference being a cheer team member made in my life. The confidence, the friendship and the trust, all have impacted me in ways that I can't even begin to describe. To be able to have turned it around, and paid it forward by coaching was an awesome gift, even better than cheering. Good luck to your talented and gorgeous little ladies at competition. Whether they place or not, they win simply be having the courage to be out there in the first place. ;)