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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cement Blunder!

Helpful Hint!
Remember this Beautiful Old Fountain/Cherub Statue I purchased at the Sacramento Antique Fair?
I So so Loved it..
Well as you can imagine, this piece is SUPER heavy total concrete.
We placed it on our front porch, well I wasn't sure if I wanted it towards the front of porch or in corner,
So before school one day I had our 15 yr old son help me move each piece carefully to one spot-
Decided I didn't like it there, so we attempted to move it back to the original spot-
WELL as we carefully set it down, we heard this crackle (like)noise and saw the cracks-cracking away.
I thought I was going to Cry (kind of did)
There they were 3 huge cracks-I though maybe I could use (wood putty)to seal it back together (umm, NO)

So my husband brought this stuff home (quickrete adhesive) to cement back together.

Cost about $7
My husband used his caulking gun and squeezed into all the cracks and we shoved the rest with our fingers so we were sure it was all the way in there.

Not the Prettiest, But for my own porch, & not worried about anyone peaking into it, and I won't be using it as a fountain.
AND Truly i don't mind the scuffs-scratches-cracks in pieces I have in my own home,I think it adds Character & Charm
I just wanted it all in one piece again. 

You can see the inside-bottom, not so bad, Held Very Well.

Now I have my beautiful fountain/sculpture piece all together again..

My first big antique splurge on our own home, and i broke it (2 days into it)
BUT now all better & glorious on our Front Porch..

I promise you I  will not be moving anytime soon.

Love all those amazing products, that can rescue our mishaps.
 So I would Highly recommend this Quickrete Construction Adhesive product (found it at Osh Hardware)if you ever have a cement blunder as I did.


  1. What a the rescue! My first time's a lovely blog you have...I'm off to read more!

  2. Oh I am so glad you were able to fix it!I t looks great right where you have it!

  3. Wow that must have been scary, but hubby came to the rescue~ Yeah for husbands. Hugs, Diane

  4. I am so glad you were able to rescue the fountain, it looks amazing! Some beautiful greenery would look great in it too!

  5. I'm glad you were able to fix it. That's a beautiful fountain. Thanks for the tip on the concrete adhesive! It's good to know.

  6. I think you should plant some lovely drapey ground cover in the fountain bowl!

  7. Oh you poor, porr love. I feel your pain from here!!

    The other day I bought a gorgeous vintage jar in a shop, walked out of the shop and dropped it...yup, right there, in front of the shop. I felt so silly and cross with myself. Grr....

    I'm so glad this was mendable...mine totally wasn't it. It had to go straight in the bin. :-(


  8. This is something that would happen to me. I try to move things all the time and end up wishing I hadn't. If you paint the bowl a light blue it will hide the crack and make the water look pretty.. just a thought. Following you! :)

  9. I have the very exact fountain bowl and pedestal for a fountain that I have in the center of my yard!! The riser and statue are different. My grandparents bought it in the 60's, and gave it to me several years ago. I would be very sad if it cracked. I am glad that you were able to repair yours. I prayed the entire 30 mile trip bringing it home, and while I set it up!!