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Thursday, January 6, 2011

All in the Detail!

All in the Detail!
One of my Most Favorite things is (Detail)
Paying attention to the small detail that is in every thing you see, pass by, touch or even the structure of where you are at, at any given moment.
The little detail that highlights a piece, a room or pulls everything together.
You may  not even notice the detail behind something.
Such as this Plain Painted wall as Lovely as it is in it's Crisp Dark shade of Antique White-

You take that same paint and add it to some thin pieces of separation wood planks & a whole different look.
The added texture with the wood  can grasp your attention as you walk by.

Using this painted plank wood as a back drop brings a Unique Style to this Vintage Frame

Brings a whole new dimension to this Aged Table.

Using Rock that has been white washed by hand gives a Rustic Romantic Feel, You see the Planked wood above just adds to the look.

Fabric brings a Comforting and Classy element to an area, almost a Formal But Casual Look.

While I love the Wood, and Rock or Fabric , I Love using architectural pieces to add that special something to an area.
Old Doors or Shutters are Wonderful for that.

A Pillar with such Detail, such Character

Mixing of Textures,Styles and shades of White can Tie it all in, but are absolutely that added Detail that can make a space

Using this Old Vintage Door as a Back Drop for these Vintage Black Frames, Both accent each other.

Bringing in a Vintage Glass French Door, gives a French Feel but also works as a Perfect Divider, but showcases what is behind it, giving you a sneak peak

Another Door that adds such Detail and Style to an Area, Adding some dark stain brought out the Worn Nature of the Piece, and surely calls you in.

At First Glance all you see is this Amazing Italian Chandelier, but then your eye is slightly caught by the french blue frame leaning against the wall, an added touch that highlights that Beautiful Crystal Chandelier.

A Ceiling can be just a Ceiling, as seen here

But if you add some Thick, 12 inch Wood Planks, You get a whole new look, that grabs your attention.
Both Just as Charming, but that Detail sure Catches your Eye and draws it up

Whether you Use Molding, Wood Planks or Old Doors for an accent or Display, I always think you should think outside the box and Try that same theme in an area you normally would not.

Such as a Hutch-
(removing the original particle board back and adding bead board & a molding trim)

Or using Fabric on an Old Stereo-Record Player (disguising the speakers)

Look around, see the detail behind the piece, it most likely is something so out of the ordinary, but yet the Detail Caught your eye, and you didn't even realize it.
Those simple things can make the difference on your piece, in your space or in what you buy.


  1. You are so right Karryann, it is all in the details and you are so good at details, every little one. Your things are so gorgeous. Is your store doing well?


  2. Hey girly~ Thanks for putting my button on your blog!! As always, your goodies are gorgeous!

  3. What great pictures and eye candy! I'll take it all!

  4. I love the idea of the wood plans on the ceiling. It gives it dimension and a totally different look. Great tips!

  5. Wow, this is a great post! So many great tips and I especially love the difference in the hutch! I add some "dimension" to my shelevs in my living room but not sure what. Hmmmmm... Thanks for sharing Karryann!

  6. Love the old wood! Chippey and rustic...yum! Thanks for stopping by to see my steampunk necklaces.

  7. It's all beautiful Karryann, so happy that you liked your lil birdies!