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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Style, New Front Windows!

A New year , New Design, New Style!
We are on our way into 2011, New Front Window Displays
Doing one in the Classic Black, with the Clock set at 12 for the New Year Celebration.

Love the Style of this Vintage Dresser with Original Hardware, Detailed Carved edges, amazing Charm.

Look at these fluted legs, and character, Upholstered in Toile.

The Other Front Window, went with Shades of White,
One of my Favorite pieces in shoppe, this Vintage Chest of Drawers.

The Crisp Bright White of this gem, is just so sweet just like the handles on the front.

My Husband built this Fireplace mantle and did such an amazing job, he used several moldings, thick wood and was very meticulous.
Best thing about the New Year is a Clean slate.
Taking the opportunity to start fresh, with organization, plans, promises or Style.
Begin your new year with a new design,style or uses for beautiful pieces in your home.


  1. Your shop windows looks great. I would be totally drawn in. What fun it must be to have your own shop to decorate!

  2. Your shop windows look great! I definitely love the white decor window!

  3. So pretty, love the merch and the styling!! ;-) I have a little nightstand to put in our shop and I'm wavering between painting it white or black....

  4. Your windows look beautiful! They would catch my eye walking by and I would be inside in a heartbeat. I love the white window and the French chair and that chandelier. Congratulations on your new space!

  5. Wow...this should cause some gawking on the street! Beautiful. The chairs are great...but it all is. Very well done!

  6. Wow - windows look so inviting...I wouldn't be able to pass by your store without coming in - wish I could visit in person!!! Xoxo

  7. BEA-U-TIFUL! These windows ROCK! I actually LOVE the black display - the toile chair is killer - but I know it's White Wednesday! :-) The mantle your husband built is stunning - heading to look around your blog more - it's all gorgeous. Happy WW - Tanya

  8. I love it all, every single picture caught my eye! Well done!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my kitchen cabinets. No, I am not going to do paint anymore cabinets black. I thought about it, but thought it would be best to have one accented cabinet to tie in with my black island. We'll see!

    XOXO ~Liz

  9. The shop windows look fantastic and so to the fireplace mantel.


  10. Hi Karryann,
    Love your shoppe! Black and white is such a great look and so classy...but white is always my favorite. Great meeting you at the Sacramento Antique Faire. Thank you for the lovely comments on my space. I am so excited about the new year and a fresh new start. I just moved (back) to my home town of Grass Valley to a wonderful Victorian Home and look so forward to sharing it with everyone.

  11. The shop's windows look just gorgeous!!! I would love to visit your shop sometime, it looks wonderful!!
    I hope your enjoying the start to your New Year!
    Have a great afternoon!

  12. Everything looks SO pretty! Loving that toile chair!

  13. i love your store! wish i could come see you everyday!

  14. Hi!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. Your store is absolutely dreamy and your home is so beautiful too. I'm now a follower and can't wait to find some graceful inspiration here.
    Bye for now, Ali