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Thursday, February 3, 2011

French Furniture

I have this extraordinary Love for Old-Antique-Vintage Chairs. The Detail in the frame, the Grand Style, the French Style is just so Beautiful.
This little Darling is one of my Favorites, I'm on the hunt for  right now- as I'm re-decorating our home, these are on the (want list)...
I think the reason , I love vintage french chairs so much, is each one is so unique and just different, the carving, the detail, the style, the patterns you can use on them.

Loving how charming this looks with the table in one color and the chairs in another.

How Lovely is the mixing of the chairs-with style and color.

I'm in love with this French sofa, the wood curvature, the tufting on the back, Just Love It..
And I always think you should have a touch of animal print in your home, whether a throw, pillow or small piece of furniture.

How Darling this wallpaper is, and the matching chair.
This Style Chair is also one of my favorite's and the style I learned to do Upholstery on..
SO Sweet.

Can not forget this little Treasure, So amazingly beautiful,
When I see french or Vintage furniture my heart skips a beat.


  1. Oh my goodness!! Totally in love with the white sofa!!!

  2. Where did you find the picture for the white one? I have a French sofa in my garage with similar style that I am wanting to re-do and I think this one makes a great inspiration starting point!!

  3. I found two similar to the shape of the first chair at a local thrift shop yesterday for $10 a piece!!! I had to pass them up because I didn't have anywhere for them, but I was tempted. Too bad you're not closer or I'd pick them up for ya!

  4. You and Miss Mustardseed must be long lost sisters. I'm sure you've seen her blog, it has a ton of renovated French furniture. Thanks for the inspiring pics.

  5. What wonderful paintings, too bad that they must be so expensive to acquire. I have an old group that is after my grandmother who could be renovating and getting changed. Right now it with my mother in law when it is not integrated fit in the house that we lived in before. But it will probably hit home with time:)
    Now I go to bed when the clock has passed midnight here in Sweden
    Camilla, Sweden

  6. I love all of it. I swear I must have been a Parisian in a past life! xo

  7. I feel the same way. These pieces have a soul.

  8. These pieces are stunning! I love them but they are a bit formal for our style of living. We lounge on our furniture. If we ever move where we have a formal livingroom I will definately consider getting some French pieces!

  9. I made that 'sucking in of air noise' when I saw the last photo... I really want that piece!!

  10. That last little setee is to die for! Love it! Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower at Buttermilk Cottage. Please come back often and visit.

  11. Hi there.. thanks for taking a peek at my blog and following along! I love your blog also and am your newest follower! I think I might also add you to my blogroll.

    Wicker & Stitch

  12. What a great post -- I love anything French and that white sofa is to die for.

  13. Love your post....thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I will be adding your blog to my "Eye Candy Blogs I Follow" blog roll!!!!
    Staying warm in Iowa,
    Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  14. ohhhh, so lovely, I want all of them. There to die for.
    Tina xxx

  15. Wow, I love French furniture. The grand style chair at the top is amazing! Love it.

  16. sofa is very beautiful,french furniture is awesome.

  17. Love, love, love the Caned-back settee with the pink cushions. Where did you find that picture? It is simply scrumptuous!

  18. The Canape chair in the last picture is so romantic. Looks wonderful with the romantic curves & the cushions in vintage looking fabrics.