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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Perfect Toile

 Toile is one my Favorite Fabric Patterns, Has a Nice French Feel to it. I have always used it when I upholster for the shoppe as my go to fabric, when I can not think of a fabric to use on a piece.
However Lately I notice it everywhere and on everything.

There are so many styles-colors-textures of the toile.

The Lighter Shades perfect for that unique French Chair

More Vibrant in a Red for this Fainting Couch
Or Classic Floral Toile in Black w/ a mixture of textures-colors to tie it all together.

Who would of thought to do a table in toile

Very Unique and I'm sure a One of Kind Piece

How Exquisite is this one.

Sometimes just adding a touch here or there, can make a room or draw your attention to your Piece.

Look at this Darling of mixtures as well with a matching ottoman.

I do believe Toile is just one of those elements that doesn't go out of style.


  1. I agree. Toile is one of my favorite designs and I have done my sewing room in a pink toile and I never get tired of it.


  2. Oh the toile table is cute! I bought something on Esty that was wrapped in toile tissue paper so I went nuts using it to mod podge with. I also did my dining set in toile and have it dotted around. It probably looks like someone threw up toile in my apartment:)

  3. I love toile and these pieces are amazing!
    My neighbor showed her 20 something daughter my raspberry toile crib set. She said "what's that print on that fabric?" Her mother said it's toile. Some styles have people doing things on it and some have children on it. She said "it just looks old".
    That killed me! Toile is soooo beautiful no matter what color or theme is printed on it.

  4. Trying to catch up with blogs today. Love all of your beautiful eye candy! From the bow and arrow to the chairs, artwork and toile. Just my style! I never tire of toile. It is so classic and timeless.
    I finally got around to mailing your little package today. (Sorry it has taken me so long. We've all been sick with the flu.) It might take a week or more to arrive. Thanks for your patience.
    Have a wonderful day!