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Friday, February 25, 2011

Love for the Odd and Old..

Maybe my Love for anything old-antique-vintage-worn comes from my childhood.
My parents would take me to every flea market-storage sale-yard sale they could find, I can even remember "dumpster diving" after a Storage Place dumped a storage unit in a dumpster, My mom just knew there was some finds in there.
Either way my appreciation for the unique, the different those odds and ends has just grown more & more.
Old Globes, no matter the style, the size or color just grab me, and I have to have them.
Something about the earth and the history behind it.

The minute we bring one into the shoppe, it is only days before it sells.
So I'm not the only one out there who loves these little gems.

There is just something about old typewriters as well.
I always buy for myself first-and usually get talked into bringing my new found treasure into shoppe to sell.
And all the while hoping it doesn't sell so I can justify bringing back home.

These old Vintage Typewriters sell right away as well, Maybe it is the wonder of what has been typed on it, who used it, Not sure, But I love them as well.

Growing up, My Dad had this old Clock that chimed every 15 min. on the dot- actually quite annoying, and on the hour it chimed the hour when it was 12 it seemed it would never stop.
BUT now, I miss that clock, and I'm always on the hunt for old clocks. I suppose that could be why many of us adore these odd old pieces, they remind us of our childhood.

Just like with furniture, the detail put into each piece is just stunning.

Who would think that seeing all of these darling antique-vintage frames hanging from this tree would make me smile.
I just love these old frames, the same idea, what did they frame, who was in them, where did they sit.

I can tell you that this beautiful image of a fireplace mantel in the middle of no-where is just gorgeous to me, So inspirational.

The beauty of old Luggage, the ways you can use them, how they photograph so well.

For Wedding photos, in your home, to set up displays or even at a party to store favors in.

I realize all of my loves, are most bloggers loves as well, but the old vintage dress forms are one of our biggest requests and how they highlight a room.

These old ones are just so lovely, I just think these bigger ones are the best.

So Sweet for Display, to use for sewing or even to set up your outfit.
Thanks for letting me share some of my loves.


  1. I LOVE your blog & I also thought I'd tell ya that you've got a permanent link on my blog page!
    Keep up the great blogging!
    Krystal @

  2. Talk about a FEW of my FAVOURITE things....Clocks, typewriters, luggage, frames, dress forms in ANY form....** sigh **....I WISH I could come visit your shop....I'm sure it would be a LONG, lingering visit & my purse would be LIGHTER when I left....!

    I hope you're having a WONDERFUL week....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  3. Love the luggage. Great idea to stack three together! Great blog!

  4. Lovely things and ideas! Thank you for stopping by our blog. Check out out web site for upcoming events.